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The strength of Kovac Eintracht became a weakness in Bayern

Why is not it going so well for Niko Kovac in Bayern? His former Frankfurt player compares Eddie Hütter's comparison and talks about the philosophy of the Kovac game.

After seven wins in the first seven competitive games, Llanderia sneaked in, the engine of Champion Champion Peak.
Weak performances and loss of points in the Bundesliga and the Champions League led to criticism by the team and the coach.
Nikko Kubak took over the start of the season training in Bayern, he came from Frankfurt Eintracht.

Frankfurt Professional Reveals: The power of Covac in Eintracht becomes a weakness in Bayern

News from November 15, 2018, 4:30 pm: Even Bayern sports director Hassan Salmimdets did not know why he was stuttering at the German record championship at the moment and not in suits. The answer is probably another one: Sebastian Heller from Maintrecht Frankfurt compared to an interview with his former Sky coach and current Bayern coach Nico Kovac with Eddie Hitter, the new man on the side for "Eagles."

Compared to Kovac Hütter is "a little calmer", they have a little less pressure than last season, says Heller. In addition, the gameplay is clearly offensive. Kubak, on the other hand, always wanted to be "a bit more in control": "Especially physically, he has very high expectations and wanted us to be in shape, we worked a lot on it." Tactically, he appreciates the strength of the opposing team.

So is Niko Kovac's tactic more in destroying the game than in design? At least it also suggests the statistics. Last season, Bayern was at this point all seven more goals on the credit side. And that, though in between, under Carlo Ancelotti is also tormented.

Even those who currently watch the games of FCB, must conclude: the style of the game in the attack is often unimaginative and without any speed. The question is whether Kovac and the Bayern players during the season still find each other.

FC Bayern Mole: Now there is a drastic demand – Appenberg strengthens Covac

News from 10 November 2018, 01:07: Mole theme at FC Bayern continues to engage fans and experts. Stefan Apenberg too. He makes a drastic demand in an interview with Sportbuzzer. "If there were actually one or more moles, it would be catastrophic for the team, I would have extorted such players – no matter which club – and kicked them out. So if anyone is really chatting, Aphenberg demands his immediate expulsion.

Nico Kovac, on the other hand, gets his back from Appenberg: "Kobatz does not do much wrong, I think you should also turn to the players, if a player does not qualify for his performance, fine, but if it's five or six, Bayern will be tough too. . "

Bayern: Kovac puzzles and promises – are some leaks?

News from 08. November 2018, 09:00: Did it slip your tongue or Niko Kovac know more about this matter than would you like to admit? After the success of the 2-0 Champions League at AEK Athens, the Bayern coach was also asked by reporters about the mood of the team and the inner, who always find their way out of the dressing room to the public. One note caught his attention.

"They will laugh, but the team climate is very good," Kubak told Sky. "The fact that things always come out is not just Bayern, there's exactly the same thing in other clubs, I think it's not good and I think we have to stop it, I do not know what it is for one reason or another."

So far, so good, but then cleaned Covac a little more accurate surprising, but corrective immediately. "If both of them … ah, I already say, it was a note of the tongue, and if they catch them, they might let me know and I'll talk to them."

The writer of the sky, Patrick Wasserzier, did not want to ride the piece of tongue, but the question still arises: Does Kovac already know more?

Kubak: "That leaves me cold, I'm calm"

Bayern with his patron Uli Hoeneß (66) likes being a big family. As for their cohesion, Nico Kovac made a sound before the game in Athens. "In history there were enough examples, whether it was Troy, if it was Caesar, we must stay together, from the stewardess to the coach," the coach demanded. Caesar, who was betrayed by members of the Senate, was murdered at the age of 46, shortly before he could fight Perat. In Iran's archenemy – Borussia Dortmund – waiting for the 47-year-old Kovac on Saturday 11 of the Bundesliga, which won a little breath from yesterday's victory.

According to which the coach breathed freely in the last few days. "Stress is a normal thing in the Bundesliga, it keeps me cold, I'm perfectly calm," Kubak said in the sky. "I do not know what's going on outside, I do not care, as far as I'm concerned, what's happening on an important team." But that's where it comes to play, Kovac has long since lost the invaluable support of all players in shaping his training and his system.

Lothar Matthäus was responsible during the 2006/07 season as assistant coach at FC RB Salzburg for the Covac player. "The performance is not correct, the results are not correct," said the Sky Expert, who for the rest of his life "will not even be Grinker" (Munich patron) will be between Munich, and issued a miserable interim certificate. That Kovac will fail at Isar, 57, but do not believe. At the moment Bayern are not stable enough. Add to this the bad luck that every shot is in it. At some point it stops, and then Bayern will provide different results again. "

A balance on the soul of Kubak, who, in addition to his trip in Roman history, focused on lack of public support. The victory in Athens should bring "the required push" for the revenge game. That was not the case, but it did not look like treason.

Bayern Zuf on moles: Kubak with sharp criticism

News from 07. November 2018, 15.30 clock: Meanwhile, Nikko Kovac with Blick bangem open the newspaper in the morning and hope that not again Bayern's internal things carried to the public. If he ever read a newspaper. Time and again, Kovac insisted on giving up if he did not run smoothly. So at the moment there is no newspaper.

Interns are still in it, which led the Bayern coach to keep according to * demanded cell and warn his players for their discretion and unity. How is this known? At least one player was not discreet or close to Nikko Kovac. With all the internals, you already almost do not know what was the first: restlessness or bad play style of the German record champion. Almost like the chicken and the egg.

For Kovac under pressure it almost does not matter. He has to deliver now, and he carried a strong * at the press conference before the game at the Champions League against AEK Athens (Wednesday, 21 clock, at * in the live ticker) demanded towards Bayern, but also towards the public on the need for cohesion. For him it is clear: If the mole or moles will not rest, it will be harder to break out of the current negative spiral.

Nikko Kubak: Are the crew still behind him?

Not an easy task for Covac. As soon as a fire burns on the background than James Rodriguez or Lisa Miller comes round the corner quickly and pours some oil. According to Spanish reports, James even wants to force farewell to Bayern already in the winter. Even with sports director Hassan Salihhamidzic it crashed in Colombian.

Lisa Muller published, as * due to, her frustration after her husband's frustration and joy on Instagram, the great media attention there for free on top of it. In addition to Thomas Muller Kubak allegedly also Homeless Mats, Frank Ribery and Reuben Ruben against him. Ex-Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti can sing a song about such rebellions on the Säbener Straße.

All this in just a few weeks, when they stammered athletic and did not want to be among the people of Munich. In the Bayern cabin resembling a powder barrel, as early as October reported the image of an internal crappy mood.

Nikko Kubak: A warning of activism, deterioration in the pedigree.

Kubak repeatedly stressed that he would not fall into action. To change something just to change something does a lot, but not an improvement. In fact, 47 years old is only after * in a sort of Schlingerkurs expired. First, Thomas Muller is "a very, very important part of this club" and then stand in seven games only three times in XI began. It was like a rum botang.

With all the justification to leave both because of their formalism: Kubak must be careful not to fall into action, but at the same time make changes finally get the FCB back on track. Balance operation.

The fact that the heads of Bayern Karl Heinz Rummenigge and perhaps Hoeneß in the summer Kovac strong * Put too little grade under the nose, making the matter no simpler. Also, that direct competitor for the championship from Dortmund currently plays like madness, aggravating the former Frankfurter situation.

Nikko Kovac talks about Troy and Caesar

Now back to the press conference before Athens. Almost by matching the opposing opponent, Kubak drew the comparison to Troy and the emperor. When asked about many of the faces that took place, he said, "Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is the way to go, we have enough examples in history, if it was Troy, if it was Caesar."

You do not have to be well versed in history to know that cheating rarely ends in a happy ending. A file should also be misleading. The fact that the cell stories come back to the public again and again stinks him very much. "Every one of us, each one of us, does not matter whether it starts at the head or goes for the players on the coach and teammate: Each of us is committed to doing everything in our power to make the club successful . "

Because Nikko Kovac knows: he needs urgent success now Bayern, and it is only on unity. The only question left is whether his players see it that way.


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