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▲ ▼ 499 mobile Internet to eat after the end of the explosion, people who have not been waiting for a wave before are waiting for the various players to launch new proposals! (Figure / pixabay)

▲ Zhang Nan contacted the girl via Facebook, tempting the girl to shoot naked lower bodies and masturbating videos. (schematic / pixabay)

Reporter Chen Kaili / Report Hsinchu

Nicknamed Zhang, a technician with a mild mental retardation in the bamboo family, used Facebook to collect nude photos of girls under the age of 14 and asked the other man to bring a self-portrait of salt wet photos for him to enjoy. He also asked the girls to "have a new movie with no childbirth points." "", "Is it a shot with someone else?", The Hsinchu District Court was sentenced to two years in prison for seducing the youth to create an electronic signal for fouling.

The verdict showed that in August 2017, Mr. Zhang's technician named Zhang took a photo of a 13-year-old girl's four-piece movie via Facebook. Zhang Nan contacted the girl via Facebook and started chatting with her. She asked her "Brother Look at your breast", "Can I watch the movie?", "Do you want to see me filming for myself?", "Do you want to see your milk", "Do you have any new videos? "Do you shoot with others? "," Can I watch the movie? The one below, "" Milk, "" I mean, is your business online? "And other tempting girls to shoot naked lower bodies and masturbate videos. The girl refused and failed.

Using his Facebook in December 2018, Zhang Nan found another girl who was just 10 years old and used the same technique to entice girls to take nude photos. However after the girl's father found the daughter's cellphone memory he has a photo, only to alert the wolf.

Judges by definition, Zhang Nan knows that the girls murdered are under the age of 14, to satisfy their curiosity and desire, and have tempted two girls to take self-portrait nude photos, which seriously damages the healthy development of the female body and mind. After reading the male culprit, she always confessed to the crime. And actively reconciling with 2 people, the attitude is still good, and Zhang is marginal intelligence, and the rate of language comprehension is 63, which is a mild mental retardation. It is more difficult for social activities in real life to choose online friends. A way.

In the end, the judge punishes the juvenile for the electronic signal of defilement, sentenced to 2 years, suspended for 5 years, and paid protection during the probationary period, and must be completed in accordance with the compromise as shown in the attachment.

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