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Don't tune in too soon! Net po is very scary and scary – life – Zhongshi News


The typhoon Lichma was originally expected to pose a serious threat to Taiwan, but the fresh water and rain this morning are still quite alarming. (from YouTube / Jack Wu)

Lichma attacked, and Beibei was the first to announce the suspension of classes. It was unexpected that the typhoon road cleared, the wind and rain were not so expected, and there was no wind or rain, so people could make a day of it. from a typhoon, and some people have sealed it as a national defense platform. . However, some people have released videos this morning, and the fresh waters are amazing. He advises people who want to go out to watch movies and sing today.

That Wenzhe, the mayor of Taipei, said: "The typhoon is too much, there's no way to do it," but people have been advocating for wind and rain at PTT everywhere, but this is not the case. Meteorologist Peng Qiming also said that you should not judge the life and death of the typhoon in your area. This sentence is not without reason.

The freshwater man made a 10-second movie on the PTT, shouting that "the typhoon is coming. For the villagers who want to go out to watch movies and sing, keep in mind that 10 seconds is no wind and rain, I want to buy breakfast After 10 seconds, Came … "I immediately answered many netizens," The new wind is overcast with heavy rain "," Also Zhongyonghe is raining "," The inland lake is storming "," It goes up, but I didn't follow the wind to the cinema XD "," "There is no stone missing in the forest."

According to the latest observations by the Bureau of Meteorology, the central position of the moderate Lichma typhoon at 1 today is 26.8 degrees north latitude and 122.7 degrees east longitude, which is about 230 kilometers above the north-northeast. Taipei, with a speed of 13 kilometers per hour to the northwest. Keep going. Meteorological Bureau continued to issue special reports on heavy rainfall. Today 10 counties including Beibeiji have local rainfall or heavy rainfall, and even many counties and cities have a chance of local rainfall.

(China Times Newsletter)

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