Wednesday , October 5 2022

Exposure to earthquake 88 to make "life and death decision" actress tears: forgive two sons – Fun – China Times News


The twins in Yiyi Peipei, a twin artist, have three children after marrying her husband Stanley. They often share their love on Facebook and browsers But when the earthquake struck yesterday morning, she once had her. The idea of ​​saving only one son later left her to call on the other two sons.

Yiyi said that the earthquake was shaking suddenly and the cabinet in the house was full. I thought the house would collapse. At present, the three sons, who slept next to each other, only the 5-year-old son was awakened, the other two were still asleep, in her mind. He flashed a thought, he could only save one and prioritize the boss. So he gave the only rescue bag to his oldest son and asked him to go to the table for shelter immediately, then he tried to wake two young sons and went to sleep. The husband was also speeding out of the study at the moment, but fortunately no one was injured in the family until the end of the earthquake.

About the decision to "save only the oldest son," she said, that the three children were all kind, but for the moment when the clock was inevitable, and the two younger sons would not use the rescue pack, so I mean, that I will save my oldest son first, but then I will remember the decision at the time and let her say that I am sorry for the two younger sons.

(China Times Newsletter)

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