Thursday , June 17 2021

Guuld column: How to face the first front of the Chinese residence permit? – Media Sales

Guuld column: How to face the first front of the Chinese residence permit? Winter mass media

When the Chinese government gives housing to rural residents, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, their confidence becomes stronger and stronger. They are not afraid of these people causing urban uprising. They are certain that these people can be controlled and integrated. How does the Taiwan government respond to China's unilateral integration policy? At the beginning of September 1, Taiwanese and Hong Kong and Macao, resident in China, can request a 18-yard home. "This is a Chinese national identity card. It means you have Chinese nationality, and because of You can enjoy the "treatment as a national treatment" given by China and enjoy many comforts. The minimum comforts include: In the past, Taiwanese bought tickets for the Internet and received physical tickets. Now they have a residence, and they can use the identical A card to check the car as the Chinese people. In addition, the procedures to buy a ticket, staying at a hotel, requiring driver's license, etc. can also be borrowed from this card to enter. Such a kind of national treatment can also include participating in the premises social insurance and accepting public services provided by the local government to them, such as education and public health. China's implementation of the "residence permit" first eliminates the draft A lack of the city against rural immigrants, so that these immigrants settle in the city and enjoy the same education, public health and residential treatment as urban residents. Then, the people of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will adopt an integral policy. From the beginning of life, you feel that there is no difference with the people in continental China. The continent implemented the residence permit system for residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in September. ( In front of large rural residents, to avoid the impact on the city's political and economic society, of course the first consideration of the Chinese government. Therefore, from the "temporary permit of residence" of the migrant population in the past, to the "non-discriminatory" residence, an important principle is to support social security and stability. Applying for a residence, also means that your own income, business activities are registered, and where it is also given to your older brother. But it is unquestionable that when the Chinese government gradually gave birth to rural residents, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan …

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