Friday , August 12 2022

Han controversy continues! Huang Guangqin: Selection of 70 million advertising expenses for himself | Policy | NEWS Today's News


▲ Huang Guangqin broke the final chapter of the series
South Korea's Yu has been under discussion lately, but he made good friends with him, but then the anti-target media man Huang Guangqin continued to downplay the South. (Photo / Nowwes data)

At the same time, Mayor Kaohsiung Kwok Yu also wants to look after the city and municipal elections. When the candle is lit on both sides, he has been in contention lately. The comrades in the private German party were getting lean, working too late, and even after he said he didn't play. Mahjong was photographed by the people during their Chinese New Year and Xu Shuhua and other friends touched the circle. Huang Guangqin, who made good relations with Han but later turned against the target, continued to shield South Korea on Facebook.

Huang Guangqin's Facebook book lists Luo Han's crimes, pointing out that it's not a big deal about mahjong vacations, but boasted that Haikou said he didn't play mahjong after the job, and the problem of lying is even bigger; and that Han has repeatedly acknowledged that he drank flowers and wine, and also used it as an inspirational story propaganda. After being criticized by the comrades within the party, he was prosecuted, and political fainting was very abhorrent.

At last year's election, Han made a bowl of braised pork rice, but it cost $ 120 million to report on the bill. It was clear that there was no advertising, but it reported more than 70 million yuan in propaganda spending, of which half earned. The credibility of the company is questionable. He promised to grant election grants and balances before the election. He has no action today. He is a total political fraud. He will invest in the general election by 2020. At that time there will be over 100 million grants. The choice pleases Korea. Earn business.

In addition, Huang Guangqin criticized the Korean disaster when he was in distress, the holiday battle was chosen, and he left at noon on the day's work. He also told people that there are such politicians who want to teach children.

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