Wednesday , October 5 2022

Not actually Trump! Experts blast this "black swan" more horror – Finance – China Times News


Steve Eisman, a real-world protagonist of the movie "Big Short Sale" and a Wall Street investment fund investor, said he did not care about the collapse of the US financial system. However, there is indeed a "black swan" that worries him. It is the current protest in Hong Kong. It will endanger any agreement with the continent and create a global economy.

Eisman said on a CNBC show recently that "the potential black swan is the current chaotic situation in Hong Kong. Once the tension warms, it will actually affect the global economy." The so-called black swan is an unpredictable and destructive event, as 10 The financial turmoil was considered one of the events of a black swan years ago.

Since the beginning of June, millions of people in Hong Kong have come to the streets to protest the "anti-sex regulations", and the same drama is being played every weekend. Eisman believes the protesters and the local government are not ready to make concessions. If the mind is broken, the situation in Hong Kong could get worse. "The conflict in Hong Kong demonstrations has intensified, which can negatively affect US-Chinese trade negotiations and affect the world market."

The US-China trade war lasted more than a year. In May, the country side violated the near-complete trade agreement, which caused the recent trade war to warm up and spread to the currency war, which caused financial market turmoil and investors feared.

Wall Street legendary investor Steve Eisman made his fortune in the 2008 US mortgage crisis, and the movie "The Big Short" is a description of his personal experience. He currently serves as Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager for Neuberger Berman.

(China Times Newsletter)

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