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Polish TV programs are "Taiwan independence", and "#SayYesToTaiwan" continues to agitate on Twitter World – News Lens

A television program in Poland, Ido Pod Prad TV, recently launched an initiative to launch "Say Yes to Taiwan" (which speaks good to Taiwan), which sparked on Twitter. Many Internet users have filmed and published on Twitter. Mark 12of


MAnd the Polish singer wrote these two sentences and published his own songs on Youtube.

In a television program called Ido Pod Prad in late October, the Polish television station openly supported Taiwan's independence and one Polish woman appeared in the program as a program. "The Poles also hope that Taiwan can be independent, say no to China, and YES said to Taiwan, This year marks the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence, Poland has worked hard for the independence of many countries, and now Poland supports Taiwan against the CCP and encourages Taiwan to declare independence. " Also wearing a red baseball cap says "Make China lose again."

The Times reported that after the contents of the program were published, it caused discontent among Chinese Internet users, the Chinese Times reported that the official media of the CCP, the Global Times, had asked the Polish Embassy in China for the event. The People's Republic of China formally established diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China in October 1949. It was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the new China, and since then Poland has always adhered to the principle of "one China" in its policy.

The Polish Embassy in China stated that "the Polish Embassy in China does not comment on the personal behavior of YouTube users," but stressed that "the Constitution of the Republic of Poland to protect the freedom of speech of citizens is not in the hands of the government authorities Polish certification limit the freedom of speech of citizens.

Following the incident, socialists from Ireland, Japan, Iceland, Poland, Canada, Austria, Israel and the United States reacted to the event and worked to promote Taiwan's independence, and today Twitter is looking for "#SayYesToTaiwan." You can see more and more pictures of strangers lifting their hands, they write "say to Taiwan" and "Say No To China" in English or in different languages.

In addition to the Poles, many Japanese also support Taiwan, the Japanese netianen wrote on the board.

M"Japan and Taiwan are always companies."


In addition, the well-known Israeli actor Harel Nof and Shai Ming, known as the "Master of Taiwan Independence", joined the wave of this text.

The Polish singer Rumi wrote this song and posted it on YouTube, and in one minute of the song, the words were only two sentences: "Yes to Taiwan, not to Communist China"

Some netizens in Taiwan also set up a Facebook page Facebook fans say yes to Taiwan, and held a physical punching event Ximending photo in the afternoon, including the power of legislator Lin Yizuo, time member power member Tang Shengjie, and party member candidate Wang Yingxin. Xu, a candidate for the Social Democratic Party, and so on, all came to support them.

Atewady reported that November 11 Polish independence in the past hundred years, the survey showed that the Poles saw the collapse of communism as the most significant and successful historical event in 100 years, and after the end of World War II the Red Army captured Poland. Both sides fought until the mid-1950s. In 1989, the Communist regime in Eastern Europe fell, and Poland became the first country to topple the Communist Party.

Poland's relations with China's diplomatic relations in the late 1980s gradually returned to normal, and both sides had political and commercial exchanges, but when the 2008 unrest in Tibet publicly boycotted the Olympic Games in Beijing and refused to attend the opening ceremony. .

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