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Samsung may officially release 108MP pixel ISOCELL sensor on 8/12 – Page 1 – Samsung Forum


ISOCELL from Samsung's photosensitive element has been of constant interest. First, it is attributed to the collaboration of Redmi and Realme to promote GW1. This 64 million pixel sensor will be mounted on the new machine. Xiaomi has even announced the 100 million pixel camera directly. Adopt a Samsung photo element. Today, Samsung also issued a notice that it will "redefine the resolution" on August 12, and it is very likely that it will officially release 108 MPF pixel components.

Samsung may officially release 108MP pixels in photosensitive element IS / ELL 8/12 - 1

As for the features of the 108MP ISOCELL, Xiaomi was previewed in the official announcement, including the image output size of up to 12032×9024 resolution, and the image size still 27 million pixels still stored under the dual zoom state, which is 12 million more than the current one. The pixel phone has a higher pixel size in wiring. In addition, Xiaomi also mentioned in the preview notice that "Samsung's 100 million pixel sensors will also become the largest motion picture sensor on the market. The large photosensitive area can provide ultra-high light input, and its night-time shooting capability is beyond doubt." Worth it. Preview it. "These are just some of the features that are beyond the scope of the image, and make people look forward to their image quality and shooting.

Samsung may officially release 108MP billion ISOCELL photosensitive element of 8/12 - 2

Xiaomi has already said they will be 100 million top, and it is expected that the first partner, Xiaomi, may also play a major role in the official announcement of ISOCELL on 12 August.

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