Wednesday , August 17 2022

Taiwan will no longer want to strictly review applications from top Taiwanese officials – Voice of America (VOA)

Taiwan will no longer want to strictly review the application of official Taiwanese capital to the VOA.

A spokesperson for the National Affairs Council, which is responsible for key issues in Taiwan, said on Aug. 28 that as a necessary measure for self-defense, it would strengthen review of candidacies from various levels of government in mainland China. On the other hand, Taiwan's Foreign Minister Wu Hao said that, prior to the Chinese removal of Taiwan's international space, it would never give up its efforts. The vice-president and spokesperson for the Continental Affairs Council, Mr. Qiu Chengzheng, on Monday morning (28) at the Yuan Legislative Foreign and National Defense Committee on "one month of loss of 2 state diplomatic relations, my diplomatic situation." specific assessment and facing a serious diplomatic crisis, my government no longer tolerates the answer strategy. By accepting the question, Taiwan has done its utmost to maintain the status quo of peace and stability through the Taiwan Strait, but for the past two years, Chinese authorities have refused official cross-border interactions and resolved differences through dialogue and dialogue, saying the CCP authorities have waged a united war with many people coming to Taiwan, which has hampered the basis for positive interaction between the two sides. to conduct a strict review of the cases of government officials at all levels in China and related parties applying for Taiwan. "However, Qiu Chengzheng also emf. It is true that Taiwan generally visits Taiwan, attends Taiwan and general professions. Or the application for traders coming to Taiwan has not been tightened, and the existing mechanism is still being preserved. On May 24, Burkina Faso announced that it had broken diplomatic relations with Taiwan. This is the second diplomatic state that Taiwan has lost in less than a month. On May 1, Dominica announced that it had broken diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Only two years after the DPI's Cai-English government took office, Taiwan lost four diplomatic relations, aged 22 to 18. On May 22, Tsai Ing-wen criticized the Beijing authorities for using political means to prevent Taiwan's participation as an observer in the World Health Assembly. He also said that prior to China's international involvement in suppressing Taiwan's international will, our commitment to cross-border relations remains unchanged. Change will not go back to the old path of confrontation, but will not yield under pressure. "But …

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