Wednesday , August 17 2022

Taiwanese movies and TV shows are fighting west, the four truths must be known – Vision Magazine

Taiwanese movies and TV shows fight the west, the four truths must be known, vision magazine

In 2017, the Chinese box office grossed 55 billion yuan, creating the world's second largest market size and largest number of screens. It has attracted many Taiwanese films and TV talents to realize their dreams. North drifting Taiwanese movies and TV people, the big vision is a development of China's film and television industry, which has inspired countless expectations. However, if a previous shot is made, the truth may be that the market is a mistake, due to a misunderstanding of knowledge, the cost of input has increased, and it has skewed all the way. What are the risks of Xijin? What are the misconceptions of Taiwanese talents? After the crossing of the three leagues, capitals praised Taiwan's most beautiful landscapes as humans. Many Taiwanese people think the mainland must listen to the Taiwanese taste in film and television plays. Actually it is not. Ye Yuping, a Taiwanese filmmaker who was born in Canada and filmed in Canada, was preparing her first cross-brand co-production film "Genes I Love You" in 2007. After that, she settled in Beijing and made several co-productions. However, after completing "Treasure Island Treasure" in 2012, it was a great sound. This film takes into account the flavors on both sides of the strait, and the role is also super balanced, depicting comedy from Beijing and another brother in Taiwan, the two action sparks. The box office was miserable, only NT $ 35 million. Ye Yuping, who is deeply grateful, never touched the co-products on both sides of the strait. He feels deeply that "Taiwanese style is not on the continent." In the beginning, she worked hard for this film. She found a Taiwanese screenwriter and lead screenwriter, but found that they did not understand each other's living habits and values. In the "hybrid" movie, some Taiwanese were interesting, but the continental public no. Will laugh, lack of resonance. "That's a cultural difference. Life on both sides is different from aesthetics." Ye Yuping has since used the mainland as a main market and said goodbye to Taiwanese taste. In general, people with backstage scenes will compare in the film and television circles in mainland China.

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