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Typhoon affects upper case in high school. Taota team owns bench to manage lotus – Sports – Zhongshi News


In the 30 years of the Chinese professional baseball team this year the four teams plan to play in Hualien, however, Tiangong does not make a hurricane on Liqima. -a Railroad. Stopping before noon, forcing players to change their turn and buy tickets in two batches to Hualien.The special experience also allowed many players to post on the community platform.

Lamigo peach blossoms visited Hualien again after three years. The players planned to leave Banqiao at noon today and took the Puyouma to Hualien. However, the original move was halted due to the typhoon, forcing the players to delay the train move. Buy your ticket and go straight to Hualien.

Huang Zipeng spent 49 yuan to buy a bench before boarding the car. (taken from Huang Zipeng IG @ tiger_lamigo69)
Huang Zipeng spent 49 yuan to buy a bench before boarding the car. (taken from Huang Zipeng IG @ tiger_lamigo69)

The players also brought their own "bench" to the car. Huang Zipeng spent 49 yuan to buy a folding bench before boarding the car, just to make a break in the car; "village leader" Chen Yuxun also wrote on Facebook, "original." The train's typhoon was canceled, and the ticket was sold to Hualien! "At the end of the text, he apologized to the passengers in the original car. He said," I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by the passenger who bought the ticket. I am surrounded by a crowd of strong men. Thanks for the passengers. "" The self-discarded players are like "prisons around the stage" and "Lamigo starts off the bench today."

Because the typhoon caused players to take their own benches to buy tickets, the netizens were unprecedented. The netizens also asked why yesterday the team did not go to Hualien on the break, but they had to move into the "match day", which made it almost impossible to meet with the game one hour before the start of the game. Arrival rules. "All the way from Taipei Station to Hualien, Hualien away from the market …", "Is it a mobile day yesterday, why not move?", "The station to Hualien, the defensive tracking of the ball will be soft feet" , "LM makes a big one today, no beat. Practice the boat and the boat."

According to the interpretation of the Taoyuan Pellet, although the soldiers were fired yesterday, players must recover and deal, and if there is no place to practice the ball, it is relatively convenient to stay in Taoyuan. At the same time, I especially appreciate the help of the Taiwan Railway, so that the team can reach Hualien safely and smoothly.

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