Thursday , June 17 2021

Windows 10 multiple updates can not fix this problem – Hong Kong mobile game network

Audio-related problems such as quiet, distorted sounds, intermittent sounds, and sound cards have long been gone on Windows 10, especially since the April v1803 update in the first half of this year. In the official Microsoft community, there are no posts to reflect the problem. Between the two popular posts there are 125 people and 103 people who share the same experience. There is also relevant feedback in the Windows Insider internal feedback channel.

The V1809 also failed to solve, especially in October, many people found that the new version still has problems such as quiet, and the only official version pushed still exists. A popular post on Reddit even had Microsoft engineers involved in the debate, and the results have yet to be corrected. In most cases, this problem is the driver, Intel now, and now is Realtek, but Microsoft has repeatedly promised compliance with Windows Update driver push.

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