Saturday , February 27 2021

"Alpha Reed" grabbed the rights to the World Sports – Post Sports today.

"Red Alpha" defeated "Zodiac" 3-0, won the World Championship Championship. "Toyota Master CS: Gao Bang and 2018" Counter Strike: Global attack prize $ 100,000 prize ($ 3.3 million), along with nine other countries hosted by Thailand on November 23-25 ​​at Indore Stadium.

"LIVE IN THE COUNTRY VALID QUALIFIER" Qualifiers find one agent in Thailand and a competition with 9 teams is a leading international team. 113 groups participated in the competition. From 8 to 15 October, the past. To select the last 16 teams to compete in the final round of the Pantip E-Sport Arena on 9-11 November, with Nattat Srivivaet, director of Toyota Motor Marketing Co. Thailand is limited to the president, appearing in that "red alpha" is the winner. By winning the "Zodiac" 3-0, "Red Alpha" represents Thailand. To compete in the world sports car "Toyota Master CS: GO BANGKOK 2018".

The competition is in line with the idea of ​​Toyota's LIVE ALIVE. Support for new generation. There is a reason to live in your style. To find and discover new values. And do whatever you want. Once discovered and understood more. It will be able to share happiness with others and help improve the company, so Toyota is ready to support all the inspirations. "Let's live" by the idea of ​​winning.

Toyota has a partnership with quality partners including LIVE ALIVE, Toyota invites everyone to live, fiber AIS, high speed Internet providers, fiber optic, 100%, HyperX sponsors, equipment and gaming equipment. In this competition, all of Intel, the world's leading computer processor manufacturer, competes throughout the show, a show at the leading sponsor of this tournament, Water. Drink Sing, Drink Water, Drinking Water, Singa and Genius Sports, Treat and Prevent Fraud Tournaments in the World.

However, TOYOTA MASTER CS: go to BANGKOK 2018 on November 23-25, in addition to participating in the world atmosphere, there are also concerts activities held from BNK48 every three days. Buy tickets at the main Thaiticketm In addition, interested people can follow. Match details Join us for many prizes! Official website: and Facebook: TOYOTA MASTER CS: GO

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