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The Ministry of Finance collaborates with anti-corruption organizations to hold a seminar "Alliance of Perfection 2018" aims to create a better understanding of the principles and practices of the moral agreement. It also exchanges experiences between observers and relevant government agencies. For the development of a moral agreement in public procurement.
Ms. Satire Ratzantha, Director General of the State Comptroller's Department, found that the State Comptroller's Department, in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) or the ACT, organized a seminar on the "2018 Conference" To understand the government, relevant government bodies and observers of the principles and guidelines of the moral agreement, including exchanging views between observers and relevant agencies to make the moral agreement the most effective, and that would be useful for the further development of a future moral agreement.

However, during the seminar. A special lecture on "Guidelines for the Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Committee" was held to provide insight into the implementation of the ethics and minimum anti-corruption policies and guidelines. The entrepreneur must provide under section 19 of the Public Procurement and Procurement Law, BE 2560. Urge participants to offer on public participation in the prevention of corruption in public procurement processes.

Agreement Point Dimensions

Mr. Persung Fontania, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and President of the Moral Consensus Program said the government focused on corruption. In the implementation of government projects. Anti-Corruption Commission to monitor and coordinate between government authorities and all sectors. Check the state project to be transparent. There is a network of student reform in Thailand, or CBO is one of the support agencies.

At the same time, observers were also chosen by virtue of a moral agreement to oversee the implementation of government projects. Make a report that reflects the truth. This resulted in successful projects in the fight against corruption in the public sector. The government has good quality products and cheaper prices. Save budget The budget balance can be divided into another development. It also creates fairness and impartiality in the procurement system to ensure transparency.

Against the Office of crooks law firm AOT Free

Mr. Pramote Suteewong, president of anti-corruption organizations in the case of the sale of duty-free AOT of the airport or AOT, the project entered into a moratorium. There are also a number of agencies, both private and academic, and the trade associations have to specify the form of attachment proposals methods which are unfair to those to offer. The spectator's observation of the terms of responsibility is to examine the transparency. Argument Article Are there any objections to carrying out the right project from people who are not part of the moral agreement? Part of the decision of the project. AOT is the board of directors. AOT and the government are judges and hearings from agencies. If the conflict design of the auction construction, but the action should be openly. Clear

Mr. Vichai Asrarakorn, vice president of anti-corruption organizations also said a representative of the moral agreement I should check. TORR design If there are any errors or doubts, they will reflect the management. But there is no power to decide.

Office Against Fraud

Mr. Prapas Suteewong, president of anti-corruption organizations in Thailand, said at a seminar on moral agreement. It is against Corruption Organizations as representatives of civil society, participation in the selection of independent, independent, independent and independent observers from various professional councils was part of the public procurement process throughout the project period. TUR Process drafting until the delivery of the work and the basis for sustainability in the project. The organization of this is also an important contributor to pushing the moral agreement. In 2560. The Procurement Law.

The Department of the Auditor General has assisted in leading the country's morale in order to be effective and effective, while the project owners cooperate well and help finance the public expenditure. It is worthwhile to create a culture of panic, which will not allow anyone to take advantage of the government budget.

The morality of the deal.

Mr. Vichai Acharakorn, vice president of anti-corruption organizations, said that for the project to enter into a moratorium from the fiscal year 2015-2019, there were government procurement projects, government agencies, local government organizations. The moratorium has been applied to 96 projects from 53 units, worth 1.4 trillion baht, or savings of 65 billion baht or 30 percent, such as a high-speed rail project linking 3 fields with a limit of 2.2 trillion baht. The construction of the second phase of the pharmaceutical company, Rangsit, amounting to 5607 million baht, and the third phase of the Northeastern N2, worth 1.7 billion baht. Observers are on the list of all 201 observers for government procurement participants.

Meanwhile, the development of Suvarnabhumi airport in Phase 2 has attracted a lot of attention. Both at auction and in design. An observer has to look at the dispute in order to present the facts. But no judgment. But to send AOT information to clarify.

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