Tuesday , January 19 2021

I also love the Mercedes Benz racing after talking about it all started (clip).

It's been a long time since I saw it. Root Chareadej or Benz racing her husband. It became criticism that the announcement of the girl's break.

I have a lot of support. But Benz was severely attacked. I need to close Facebook and post messages on IG to invite people to visit the event. Reporters asked Pat about it. Including feedback from Bennett after an interview with Pat.

After Pat left. Is there a reaction from Benz?
But no, I 'm not talking about it, but what about Pat, but I don' t know what to do, because that 's what he wants … I don' t have to say Bens is not Pat, it 's okay, Pat has been there since. First, just keep it up, I do not know how to change the status.

This means that Pat is still the mother of the race and is the same from the beginning. Since the news or what? Pat is still on this page. It's just that this is the moment when everyone wants it to end. She is not just a mother of race he wants us to marry. I can not answer because the answer is not clear. Our conversation is unclear. I do not need to go into details. But it certainly is. Is the mother of the child

Now it was time to get to the point where Pat saw many things. It makes us feel that this is Pat's understanding. Pat was asked to be understood. They were all with Pat. How do we feel that way? Everyone said it felt. It shows that we do not think to ourselves. So we thought it would be a good answer. In the corner of Pat. I did not talk to Benz.

But in the corner of Pat. Pat thought it would be good. I do the best job. I'm not sure if that's the case.

Are you angry about the interview?
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Pat wanted him to talk for a long time," he said at last, "I do not have a direct quote, but somebody's still good. Media. "

Mercedes Benz launches a place for people to curse?
"He was so stressed, I just closed the Facebook page, and when he was asked if he had spoken to him, it was some time since last Thursday and Pat tried to contact us back to the top of the page up there, but he did not answer the telephone line, so we thought we If we still do it, he may feel that we have pressure on him, so we thought we were waiting for him to get better, I do not know how to contact him, so he came back on Monday and I have news, he came back last night. "

what did he say?
"No," he asked as he spoke about what Pat had said. No need to talk about it. Talk about others "

Benz said that it wanted to talk to two people?
"The word is two people talking, we need to ask permission to say in the section that we do more than 3 times, so you cut the word I want to talk to each other, all people know that the Benz Benz Benz are the phone line. Pat is still answering, I do not know what to do, because she does not have an answer, Pat is not sure what it is, if we do not talk at all, why are not you talking to me?

I do not want to touch his words. But Pat said in the repair that Pat had said the conversation. You can also tell the place. I have to say okay. Pat did not say. I do not know what to do. When Pat does it. I do not know what to do. Pat waited. It's not so bad, but it's not a bad thing.

Do not answer that because it's a little awkward?
"It's not because I'm not here, Pat, I think it was all right, try sitting and listening to the listener to listen to the adults, so what's the end?" So now we have the answer.

I'm not sure if that's the case.
"He's already here, my brother Benz is a funny guy, people try to look at everything in a small way, so we felt okay, maybe he feels why everyone should be serious, we've lost half of ourselves, I know him. What do you think?

We want to talk to him seriously?
"Talk to him to give him some time, he 's just a pimp on the same day with the Benz Benz mission, but he did it, like we were talking, I do not know if he saw it, but that means it makes him better. They locked him yesterday. "

He expressed his intention that he did not want to be a family.
"Pat, I do not want to guess him there, but what I see is better, it's been a blessing since yesterday, until the morning greeted us, that's my idea, I have not talked to him before. Yesterday, he opened it, that I feel comfortable, like accepting the fact that I am a good mother, do not ask again. "

What did the family decide to do?
"Pat gave him a chance, where Pat said the family was important, now that Pat tried, I told Pat to get the ball anyway, if you can choose, Pat, I think your father is the best, but that's the future. As a family, it is not easy to walk like this, it should be discussed in detail, it is not as easy as when we were teenagers.

I think he thinks it's so easy to get a family. But Pat is not. Talk to you before. Because we have a burden. Children grow up every day. It has to be planned. I do not like going to the beach. It's not that easy. "

What is?
"I love you," he said. I'm still offline. Encourage it as if we were thinking about it. We feel much better. "

I will have a lot of support. But Benz was attacked?
"Pat said it was very hard, and it's the same, if you think it's not happy, it's not better, it's not like that, he can not be as stressed as Pat, he will not realize he did it before. But today, why bother? We do not get a lot of things, but it 's a patch to push, it' s been a long time, Pat felt it was normal, I 'm not Benz, Pat was not like that, if you do not know what to type.

What is Pat's feeling in the Mercedes now?
"It's very much tea now," said Pat dryly, "I do not know what to say, it's like a mind to go to bed, maybe it's time to stroke it, to understand it more, it was like that day, Ryan, the other day was a long wait, But that 's not true, I think it' s Pat Pata now, wait for Pat 's drink to disappear first.

You love him?
"I always love him, you 're always waiting for him, I' m not sure what it is, and finally Pat still told him that if it 's not today you' re trying to find something that 's right in front of me. Not serious ".

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