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Khon Kaen Cattle ranch B. Demanding the order to cure rabbits, killing 21 dogs, some without illness!

Now in an online partner, sharing information on the page WATCHDOG THAILAND It published 21 cases of boredom of dead dogs who claim to be infected by rabies After the page received a complaint from a girl from Ban Rattana, Moo 2, Non Thong Subdistrict, Waengyai District, Khon Kaen Province, which took place on November 26 2018. Her dog called "Chao Te" was poisoned in front of her eyes, stating that

When I am the state Solve the problem of rabies control of "I was bored by dogs." Almost all the villages.
Quote! Only the dogs that can not be captured And the dog has the owner who has allowed the owner to die!

The matter is due to the people of the owner of the Waengyai district, Khon Kaen province. About the tears
Ready to talk about TALILANDO or PRAVISTO WDT pleads for justice Due to fear not to progress

"Honestly, I'm afraid. But I must fight for justice Although he was not an animal
But he was hurt who never saw it like me. He does not know … He will just say the words …

But I … not … He has life …

When the dog dies He tried to help me, but I could not help him … It had a heart … to avoid me … "

"The issue at Baan Rattana, Moo 2, Non Thong Subdistrict, Waengyai District, Khon Kaen Province
November 26, 2018, at 20:30 a.m. My dog ​​was bothered at my shop.
In front of the eyes of the villagers and

His name is "Te" (the old name that the old owner vaccinates is white), about 3 years old, being a male white dog.

He claimed that the rats were at risk of rabies due to the previous two weeks. There are dogs of infected people in the village and they persecute the dogs in the village without knowing many of them. The town is declared a rabio-epidemic area. Not vaccinated And dogs in risky groups that the owner allows to get out of the area!

The hammer's head affirms! Received medications and dispositions of the district's cattle
With the approval of livestock volunteers to eliminate dogs choosing to eliminate only those who are not injected Without a landlord Or the owner allows Or to risk groups that are bite and can not be injected And the informant's dog is the 21st person, in spite of being confirmed that the vaccine is cared for by the owner
And the owner is not allowed!

"I decided to fight When I saw the dog fight for help in pain
But he can not speak That idea told me that you should not be afraid of something! "

"When a dog dies … he claims to be in a risky group. I asked to cut the head of the inspection
The Northeastern Veterinary Research and Development Center, "The result is negative. This means that the normal person has no rape infection.
After publishing the story Cattle in Khon Kaen Province Accelerate the delivery of provincial cattle ranch
In the inspection area Prepare emergency supervisors within 24 hours.
After recognizing WDT and DLD 4.0 applications

The event took place in November. But the informant informed on December 10, 2018
Pol.La.Kl. Supaporn Phoswiset (Investigation), Waengyai Police Station, Khon Kaen is the owner of the case.
Check and see that there is a fault in the notification. It is animal cruelty and makes a property (criminal) along with informing Choha. Section 157 is a government official fulfilling obligations with disqualifications
Therefore, he sent the matter to the PTT on January 1, 62, with a total of 5 suspects but not yet included the inspection of the duties of the cattle in Waeng Yai District and the Waengyai District administration department, through WDT. The Provincial Brutobreda Office of Khon Kaen controls the issue and the list of civil servants suspected of being the publisher or "Together issuing an order to commit an offense" to the holder of the case to present the case to the PTT

Which means … except for the brutality of an animal cruelty
I of every State and every department that is involved must be convicted under Section 157 as an incorrect official!

Follow the results of the exam Both civil servants discipline Ofens as a civil servant
And criminal crimes under the legislation! The WDT will further report the progress.

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