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Moada 2018 Collection of Holidays

Bangkok – Nov 14 –

Mammond greets the upcoming festival of happiness and smiles. 2018 Collection of glowing winter garden! A special gift from Mamunda inspired by the beautiful garden. The color is bright. Glittering with a little light. In a warm and romantic atmosphere. Surrounded by the joy of music for Christmas. Inspired by the beauty of the skin. It must be a product of skin care and skin care. Choose to deliver happiness to yourself and your loved ones!

Winter Collection

1. MAMONDE CREAMY Color New Palette 5 Colors Size Mini Size (1,000 Baht)

MLBB (my lips but better) 5-color lip pencil gives your lips a natural look in your style.

No.21 A red soul A wonderful red soul

No.22 Dundee coral Red coral coral hot and passionate magic.

No.23 Rose brick, orange, natural brick

No.24 Coral Coral with Coral Coral

No.25 Pink Pink Red Pink Show Love and Enjoyment.

MAMONDE CREAMY TINT SQUEEZE LIP Best 3 colors (estimated at 1000))

Lipstick Kit Liquid crystal soft texture loaded with moisturizer and lips look moist. Smooth and not slotted. With colored hues. Bright colors are popular in 3 shades.

No. 3 Red Red Red Shades give you a chic look.

No. 9 red and red velvet can be used every day.

No. 10 Retro Rose Red color MLBB looks radiant in style.


Cream Nourishing Night Cream with Lip Sleep, it moisturizes and moisturizes lips overnight. With innovative plum enzyme technology and Phase 2 peeling system of alpha hydroxyl acids, the enzyme produced from apricots and plums mixed with AHAs effectively remove dead skin cells. And a relaxing mask for sleep (Mask) The mask penetrates deep into the skin. The essence of the true calendula. Full of outstanding medicinal properties help to soothe the skin. Combines the properties of skin moisture and look vibrant next morning aloe vera. Santella Asiatica and cucumber


Sheet Sheet Masking extract from flowers to 2000 ppm for healthy skin at 5 points.

  • NARCISIUS Mask Mask for sensitive skin
  • Flower Mask Mask Mask Magnolia mask mask mask provides skin with intense nutrients, magnolia serum. The results of the white skin are white.
  • Moisturizing essence mask with substance essence, rose serum to delight the skin.
  • A concentrated mask extract with emulsion with reddish camellia extract. Provides a stronger, more flexible feel.
  • A flower cover mask with the nourishing essence of Li. Provides a cool feel with the value of the marigold extract.

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