Thursday , September 29 2022

Tha Ngam, Fun, "Top Thanakorn", wearing the role of "Dang Bai", joke, Phra Kan, boxing in the "heavy boot"


From the bad guys To the excitement of the funniest people For many action fans, "Top-Natakorn Trikisawet", former Taekwondo athlete, Thai national team and actors, One Action Tech With the latest work in the role of "Dang Bai ", hooligan, very clever and advanced gentle fighting ability With the appearance of the character, which was inspired by" Dang Baile "in the new movie," FIST OF STARDOM "under the production of" MONO ORIGINALS (Money ") in the group" MONO GROUP (Mono Group) "is scheduled to air on" MONO29 Channel "on Sunday, August 25th, this time at 2.20pm. Although the style of the fight will be nice to the public. But the secret agent told me I wanted to get some drama.

"Another action (smiling). Ask yourself if you are bored? I enjoy working But maybe listening to the viewer in a picture to remind us of the bad boy aspect Who always works in the industry for me I played all the action, but really from my heart I really like to play drama. We feel that the action is not difficult for us. Now I would like to play some drama, but when Song Song (Tathorn Siriphan Waraporn) is the director we trust Cut the movie well, inviting to play in "The Battle Line," so I'm off to play. My character in the story Inspired by Dang Baile, the costume will be published in the style of 1956. James Dean Elvis, that line. This "Red Bai" is not so bad and not good. He is a former skilful fighter. He is a character who has his own complexity. Having his own ideas. Not being a bodyguard. Do everything to your own needs. If someone encounters He is ready to add everyone, no matter where they come from.

Follow the style of action, the beautiful posture of "Top-Natthakon Trikisayawet", which is ready to hand with "Typhoon-Kanok Chat Marayat" in "FIST OF STARDOM)." The Songthornthorn Siriphanwaraporn inspection aired on Sunday, August 25 at 14.20 hours. "MONO29 (Money Twenty-Nine)"

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