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"The Symbol of Siam's Phil" and fight for Miss Universe 2018.

At 17.08 on November 19 in the Old City. Simotparkaran Miss Thailand Thailand Press Conference Competition Launches 2018 National Series "Phil Icon of Siam" Which Miss Noprat Canganas Miss Universe Thailand They will wear the stage to compete in the national dress contest on December 10 as well as be prepared to represent Thai girls. On December 17, at the IMPACT Exhibition Center, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok.

Mrs. Sorang Paramuck President of the Miss Universe contest Thailand said that the competition will continue with the project so that the new designers will be able to submit to the National Miss Universe competition. This year the judges gave "Phil Icon of Siam" By Mr. Axin Won the championship with its unique Thai and contemporary design, special effects can be transformed into an evening dress. Siam's Elephant Icon is believed to impress the worldwide audience.MISS Universe 2018

Surat Punjuk

For the national costume, "Siam's Elephant Icon" is a group of three parts together. Part 1 Traditional Thai clothing The new design has changed from the Royal Thai dress by silk. Improve modern man. The shoulder height rises from the Royal Royal Kingdom and is based on the elephant's interior structure. The pattern changes from the pattern and grille. Thai Standard. Embroidered and embedded in Swarovski crystals

Jewelry Set There are 3 main parts are Chada Head adapters. The second design of V collar design. The design emphasizes the shoulder and shape of the set. Add sweetness with a gold-plated bouquet of flowers. And use the same technique to make 3 belts waist belt jewelry. All accessories are designed in Swarovski crystals.

Part Structure It is a mechanism to convert Thai dress to elephant dress. Mechanism and structure of elephants designed and prepared by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering King of Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi Elephant Structure made of aluminum and stainless steel. Easy and powerful. Can support weight in trunk and fabric. Using battery power to drive. The fabric is built like a triangle. Swarovski Swarovski rolled wheel and pattern


The design and health team is composed of Mr. Spack (designer), Mr. Sirivat Vorawong and Mr. Titikorn Hommawali (assistant designer), Mr. Natakut Sarun (sewing) Luang Jirutanun and Mr.Papong Thongfue (designer jewelry designer), the Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering King Of Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (structure and structure of elephant head)

Later, the national dress show in front of the Royal Palace. already "Yingida" Yoseida I saw this dress excited. I think national dress is how it is. The elephant was very happy. The elephant is unique to us. He is an unbeatable animal and a home I have never been defeated. It is a showcase of Thai identity. Using Thai fabrics as well as hydraulic technology. The show is proud of the Thai wisdom and modernity entered into the 4.0 era. Wearing it is quite convenient. Not much weight I'm willing to go. But no matter what happens, we should be able to solve the problem immediately. Believe that today wear will be comfortable. I personally believe this set. Gifts try to make elephants live. We are elephants too. Give yourself love and love it. Talking about dresses. "I love you, too, honey." Like a banana stick, it can be a cup of tea.

For preparing the Miss Universe 2018 competition in Thailand. "Society" Say 100 percent self-timer, 5 daily exercise, 2 hours a day especially salmon with vegetables. Suitable for blood group B. Then prepare to talk, walk and skin care. Also read the news. Meet friends Miss World from personal history Talk and build a relationship and keep the motto "Know it knows." One hundred and fifty thousand times "In the host country you feel comfortable in promoting your tourism as a host, be prepared to talk to your friends.

From criticism of beauty. Miss Universe Thailand recently said. I have a lot of women inside. Some people do not like it, but we surprise them. Diversity. Skin color is not as important as trust. And beauty from the inside. At first the crown was not as difficult as changing a new school. I can not wait to see it!

The frame"Anal Shoe" Inspire those who are desperate, such as Ban Pranee Children and Youth Training and Training Center. The first step is to send positive energy to the children. Be power back by not knowing that you are writing letters to tell your goals. What are you dreaming about? When it comes to inspiration, it will focus on getting things like wanting to be a doctor, make-up artist, finance, etc. One can not change the world. I want to find myself as a power to society.

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