Wednesday , June 16 2021

A famous singer, Dick Malik, Islam Out: No more

The famous singer Zain Malik, who waved notes with the One Direction music group and continued his solo career, announced that he no longer defined himself as a Muslim.

"I do not believe what you have to absorb in that language"

Zane Malik, who did not fall out of the magazine's agenda with the love he had with Hadid, made amazing statements in an interview with Vogue. The 25-year-old Pakistani singer said he did not believe in any religious doctrine and that he had abandoned daily activities needed by faith. "I think that people's religious faith only employs themselves and the person or things they believe in, I do not believe that a particular meal should be blessed in a certain way, or pray in the same language five times a day, I just want to keep it between me and what I am Believe in. Used phrases.

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