Thursday , June 17 2021

A position was established in Gölcük due to "November 14 Diabetes Day"

KOCAELİ (AA) – A position established in Gölcük due 14 14 November Diabetes Day K.

Gölcan Necati Çelik State Nurses Hospital responsible for diabetes Sevcan Erduc Kahraman, Tulai Ertufan, Tulay Cilen, Nesselian Erenler, Gulay Crates have informed diabetic citizens.

Sister Kahraman, in his speech here, indicating that diabetes is a chronic disease, so it is important to take early steps to combat diabetes, he said.

According to the researchers, diabetes patients should feel good and healthy, and should be well fed and balanced. Diabetes patients should not skip meals. he said.

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