Monday , June 21 2021

A self-disaster occurred in Bodrum, the couple became involved in the nerve breakdown of the couple

Bodrum County of Muğla during the rains after heavy rainfall occurred during the night hours. The contracted couple was flooded.

The thunderstorm thunderstorm under the influence of Bodrum became a flood in the Mumkula district. According to the UAV, 27-year-old Caglar Bencik, who has returned from engagement with cars, and his two-fianc2ee boyfriend, Billur Atik, crossed the river that overflowed in Akarca Mevkii.

Due to flood waters, the vehicles flew into the stream with the waters rising in a moment when they stopped the engine. At that time, a citizen crossed the road to the region, there were 112 teams from Emergency Health, UMKE, AFAD, Fire Department, Gendarmerie, Municipal and AKUT.

In the first rescue, Billur Atik's 23-year-old body was reached. Equipment, electrical technician Çağlar Bencikin after a moment reached the body. An unhappy couple learned they planned to marry the next year. Bencic relatives of the stream suffered a nerve breakdown.

On the other hand, due to the overflowing Akarca Creek, greenhouse was destroyed, agricultural land was flooded and powerful poles were overthrown.

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