Friday , May 14 2021

A superstar, enjoying himself with a man, took his nerves off the driver when he saw the cameras.

The legend Pekan legend was seen in Corusma the night before. When Ajda Pekkan and his friend discovered that there were journalists at the door, they left the place separately. Peckan turned quickly to the vehicle and his friend responded to the press who had seen him.

AJDA HIDDEN sank with a pecan hat

According to the news, the restaurant leaves the front door of the singer, who prefers to close the face of the rainy hat, waiting for the car waiting for him on the running stairs.

As the door does not close the light

The superstar rides on the claw tool, leaving him unanswered for the intended questions, the car driver's door closes the deceased "shut the door, why are you waiting, close immediately," he responded with words.

"Do not do it

The gentleman the famous singer ate with him, he left the place in response to reporters, "Do not do it, do not pull it."

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