Monday , January 25 2021

Does your finger never stop sucking?

This behavior of infants and even postnatal children can be seen in any situation where no mother and children are troubled.

The need to identify the environment for the child feeds on her mother is also done by the oral reflex. Therefore, during this period, the baby takes everything into his mouth, especially his hands or toes. Then, you can see that the child has sucked his toy, blanket, clothes, pillow. Gum sausages and jaws During teething, the child can suck the fingers. So behavioral absorption is not just about feeding.

It is not easy to stop sucking the finger of the mother's breast. The emotional quality of the relationship with the baby, the correct understanding of their needs and the timely teaching will strengthen this relationship.

In transition to sleep Uyku transition eleri object as a toy that we can adopt as a toy to put the bed to comfort him.

To minimize finger sucking and embarrassing the baby for it should not be used as a solution method to save them from this behavior.

Concerns about health and development should be well explained.

It should not become a conflict between mother and child.

Focusing on positive behaviors, providing verbal praise and encouraging small rewards is a more appropriate solution to get rid of such behavior.

Turn on, just

He noted that although the age of the child is still common, it is observed that children who have behaviors such as sucking a finger and eating a nail behave in such situations when they do not act alone or when they are not guided by adults. In addition, the frequency of such behaviors increases in children who do not spend time with their friends, who are alone for a long time and spend their free time separately.

When does the finger finish?

At the age of 1, almost half of the children can be seen sucking a finger.

If it does not stop, it shows that the child suffers, unhappiness, anxiety, and grief. If there is another person who treats the mother or even the child, the task should be to eliminate the negative feelings of the child.

Eating a nail

During the garden period, he can begin by imitating another person who eats nails around him. In cases of stress in children, when they can not express their feelings and when they do not see the necessary interest and value from adults, they can begin nibbling at their nails to express their inner tension.

It happens in old age, even in old age. Adults realize they are tense, or they start to snap when they get stuck in thought, but they can not keep themselves.

Before you try to resolve these behaviors that you consider to be intense in your child, you need to look carefully at your mutual feelings about your relationship with the child and whether there are other factors that may affect all of these behaviors.

Stop the baby sucking his finger, yelling, getting angry, warning him sarcastic rhetoric, pulling his hand out of his mouth, hitting, riding his hand or peppery things, or threatening to drive, punishing him wrong.

Instead of ending or stopping the child's behavior, it leads to further deterioration in his mood. I do not like it, I'm not worth it, I do not want to, and it leads to an increase in problems.

Do not cut the baby early from the breast. While feeding the baby, while feeding it in a peaceful and safe environment the approach should be taken with.

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