Friday , January 22 2021

Fatih Terim, years ago warned the Emre: Fethullahçılarla cut

Galatasaray's technical director, Plitim Tarim and Omri Balogzoglu, appeared years ago.

Istanbul 23 Criminal Court continued in the case of the Republic have reached the records of the case. According to Arif Kızılyalın nn Fatih Terim, in the early 2000s, Emre Belözoğlu 'nun language is difficult to stop the relationship with the warned community.

"Coming on your career"

Suleiman Seit Aksoy, known as the "football imam" until the early 2000s, was the testimony of the FETÖ records. He went over to the records of the case, which he had warned vehemently, "Disconnect your contact with Pat."

"The Glaztray Cup winners of some of the community names were connected, they were always on their hands, everyone loved me," said Belozoglunon, the bridegroom of the upcoming imam's wedding. Omri's Ido was small, but his name became very prominent in his time. "Fatih Terim called her roommate and told Floria several times he said:" These people cut your career and darken your future, I will never let such a structure in my group. " Imre said, "I do not, my teacher, so he said something like that, these statements entered the court case.

BELÖZOLLU leaves after FETÖ

Another statement, reflected in the Exoy case, states that Omar Belozoglu broke the community by understanding his mistake in the 2000s. Exoy expresses Amra's transition from F.G.

"Omri, the money of the community and the national goals is meant to serve the purpose of this structure is broken, and then Omri, away from me quickly."


According to the case file, Fateh Tarim warns Amir about the community at that time, such as "the son" who loved Omri on many issues and was exposed to a very serious punishment. When he realized that she had entered the road in a fancy private car when he was not licensed, Trim confiscated the car keys and stopped in Fleurier's garden until the day of the license.

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