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The current situation in housing loans! Will loan rates fall? Rates of housing loans of banks

Since the interest rate hike on housing loans, which ended in July of the state banks, the expectation of lowering interest rates for housing loan broke down again. The new campaign comes to the housing sector and not to citizens. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization are working on a new system for solving the housing problem in the housing sector. So when the interest rate for housing at this level, will housing stocks dissolve?

Details of the new campaign at home were clear. The Ministry of Finance and Finance, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and Aior, are launching a new campaign to liquidate the shares in the market.

As part of the campaign, which is expected to launch in November, the project, which will ease the housing sector, does not offer an attractive opportunity for a citizen who wants to buy housing.

Mortgage loans, which reached record levels after the exchange rate rise began in August, began to fall but still not fall to levels that please citizens. According to information obtained from, mortgage rates of banks fell to 2.61%. Interest rates on mortgage loans made by private banks In recent weeks, the lowest interest rate housing loan, without expenses, did not even fall below 1.98%. Zirat Bank applies 1.98% interest on housing loans up to TL 100 thousand only. The ratio between 100-500 TL is 2.09%.

In addition to the Zirat Bank, the Bank approved mortgage loans at an interest rate of 2.09% over TRY 100,000. With interest rates of 2.09%, VakıfBank and HalkBank's mortgages on mortgage products are over 100 thousand TL and the rise in interest rates.

Considering that a citizen who wants to buy housing with the average housing price of TL 300,000 can use 80% of the valuation value of housing, 240,000 TL housing loan with 120 months maturity and 2.09% interest when calculating a housing loan is carried out, the monthly payment is 5 thousand 473 TL. appropriate. The total amount of reimbursement of citizens is 656 thousand 760 TL.

In order to get housing, the interest on mortgage loans are unlikely to decline. Real estate for the resettlement of housing in housing Although housing sold in the residential pool, citizens can not get housing with the current housing Housing loans even if the stock to be absorbed in Konut Emlak will be sold at low prices, it does not seem successful in obtaining affordable housing Without reducing interest rates for housing loan.


As a result of the exchange rate that began in early August, banks began to increase rates of their housing loans. The increase in housing loans increased rapidly in mid-August, when the exchange rate saw peaks. There were new increases in housing interest rates of banks, which are almost weekly.

Being one of the most important ways to become a homeowner gets housing loans but after the economic developments in our country, it still continues to lose its charm and still continues to be the solution for many people. After the rapid rise in the exchange rate of banks and the increase in the interest rate of the central bank, housing loans also increased significantly.

One of their dreams is to have a home of their own. Today, although it does not seem realistic to get home to accumulate funds waiting for the appropriate time and conditions are waiting for interest rates to fall. What period is the right time to buy a house during this period close to the end of 2018? The exchange rate was on the decline path. The central bank left the interest rate for October unchanged. But when interest rates on housing loans fall?

The average interest rate on banks' mortgages stood at 1.73% at the beginning of August and reached 2.32% at the beginning of September. The acceleration of immigration continued in September. On September 13, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of Turkey increased the interest rate in September and increased it from 17.75% to 24%. After the interest rate decision, the banks' average interest rate on housing loans was 2.63%.

At the end of October, the average interest rate reached 2.68%. The increase continued until mid-October, when Akbanak's interest rate cut was cut. When the third week of reductions in housing loan interest October Akin Gelinil initiated by ING Bank, Kuwait Turkish Turkish Finance and Banks, Yapı Cardi continued. With discounts, the average housing loans of banks declined for the first time after June.

When will you discount

On May 10, cutting interest rates of housing loans, which was initiated by public banks, ended on July 2. After July 2, President Erdoğan and Finance Minister and Finance Minister Elbitec were asked to conduct research on reducing interest on housing loans.

When banks do not offset loans for housing, organized housing campaign of the sector with the support of the Ministry of Environment Urbanization as of the end of August. According to research conducted by, 0.98% mortgage rate, 10% down payment and 10% discount were implemented as part of the campaign. The campaign, which attacked only branded, zero housing, was not fully effective for the housing needs of the citizen waiting for the reduction of interest rates.

Finance Minister and Finance Minister Bert Elbirak announced on October 9 that he would like to receive a 10% discount on the interest rate of the loan, and he did not like the joy of the citizens who would attract housing loans. Shortly thereafter it became clear that housing loans were not included in the assumption.

The interest rate of the central bank in October does not change the interest rate of experts at the exchange rate of exchange rates in the absence of an exceptional increase in housing lending interest rates can fall.

Amlak Connaught's housing campaign led by the housing sector ends on 31 October. Experts predict that the VAT reduction on housing purchases and housing operation of the sector will end at the end of the month, and on the reduction of interest on housing loans as expected to promote housing purchases.

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