Thursday , April 22 2021

What is the Rise of Legend? Who are the players in the Law of the Legend?

The role of an orphan, whose father was killed by dark people and the attempt to bring justice back to the city, is told of the Rise of the Legend and its actors.

The Rise of the Legend will be broadcast on television for the first time this evening. Those who want to miss the story full of action and adventure will be on the screen for The Rise of the Legend. What about the Rise of the Legend who the players are?


Rise of The Legend, directed by Roy Hin Yeung Chow, provides an audience with 131 minutes of revenge and justice. Chi-long To is a grieving son in the story told in the movie, however, when the father or mother came to the point of rebellion against the wrong order and action-type production in which a justice fighter appeared. When a child was growing up, his father was murdered by dark men at an early age. It's time for him to shed the anger and hatred in him …


Sammo Hung
Eddie Peng
Luodan Wang
Boran Jing
Cho-Lam Wong

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