Wednesday , November 25 2020

Why are we awake in the morning?

Tired morning waking can be a symptom of many diseases said. Belma Yesilada Yagbasan gave the following information: "Vitamin deficiency, thyroid disease, cancer, heart disease, nasal sore throat, lung problems, musculoskeletal diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disorders, psychological causes, Diseases in the form of fatigue can give a finding.

Symptoms of morning fatigue; We can list as dry mouth, uncomfortable muscle pain, gastrointestinal disorders, low morning stress, dizziness, increased feeling of fatigue during the day. This can be the result of incorrect or incomplete methods that we do without understanding our daily lives. "

Pay attention to them do not wake up tired!

Internal Medicine Specialist Belma Yeşilada Yağbasan gave the following advice on what to do to get up in the morning and reduce the feeling of fatigue:

Sleeping normally and fitting is important. A healthy adult should have 7-9 hours of sleep each day. In addition, every night at the same time sleep at the same time to get the body to sleep and rest will create a layout.

– The nutrients we prefer as our diet are also important. Unhealthy diet; It makes nutritional, vitamin, mineral and calorie-free, which makes the person slow and tired.

– Daily water intake should be adequate. If a person has no health problems, they should consume water 2-2.5 LT daily. This amount may vary depending on occupation, daily physical activity, and season. Water is a very important material for metabolic events at the cellular level. Dehydration of the body may cause a decrease in blood pressure and may cause us to be exhausted during the day.

-sport; Although it may cause muscle aches and fatigue in the body for beginners, it makes the person fit when done regularly.

We spend an average of one-third of an hour of four hours in bed. The bed we choose should be suitable for our body's features, and if anything, for our diseases. Otherwise a bad sleep; It can cause fatigue and muscle pain all day long.

– You should consider electronic devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones. The lights of electronic devices negatively affect the level of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. It may therefore be useful to keep all these devices at least half an hour before bedtime.

We should pay attention to the choice of drinks and food that we consume hours ago. Drinks such as tea, coffee and green tea increase our alertness and cause poor sleep. In addition, sugar foods and other carbohydrates consumed close to the time of sleep, as well as disturbance in the quality of our sleep makes us gain weight.

– Chronic fatigue and sleep disorder should be differentiated. Chronic fatigue is the cause of sleep disorders. However, chronic fatigue; Hormonal factors may be due to many reasons such as factors in neurons, nutritional disorders, virulence, and depression.

Despite all these measures, more than two weeks of morning fatigue and persistent weakness during the day, concentration disorders, muscle aches, headaches, and complaints, continue to be a major health problem. In this case, consult a health institution. "

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