Sunday , May 28 2023

3000 inspection visits conducted by the Abu Dhabi Health Authority annually since 2017


The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi has confirmed that the number of regular inspection and control visits to the healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities in the emirate has grown steadily since the launch of the "Gouda" program in 2014 to reach more than 3,000 visits in 2017 and more than 3,200 in 2018. By 2019 over 700 inspection visits.

These visits are part of the Joudeh program, launched by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi to monitor and evaluate the quality of health services provided by the various health facilities in the Emirate to the population, to encourage progress in improving services. and to achieve the highest quality standards for improving the health care system in the emirate.

The department's audit team prepares a report of each visit, where any non-compliance or irregularities are checked and recorded. A copy of the report is given to the company to correct the situation. The quality control team will then conduct a follow-up visit to ensure the necessary procedures are in place to correct the irregularities mentioned in the work plan.

Dr Asmaa Al Mannai, Director of Health Care, said that since its founding, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health has dedicated efforts to improve the quality of health services provided to the people of the emirate and, more importantly, to establish a culture of quality. in the health care sector of the emirate to become an integral part of the workforce. The daily product of the sector and the secret behind its success and excellence, which has strengthened its position on the map of medical tourism.

Inspection visits by the Department during 2017 and 2018 showed that over 93% of the emirate's health and pharmaceutical facilities are committed to the regulations, laws and requirements set by the Department.

Al-Mannai added that the purpose of the inspection visits is to work side-by-side with the health facilities in the emirate and enable them to improve their quality standards by providing recommendations and possible ways to overcome any violations. The Department is eager to collaborate with the infringing establishments to develop correct plans. These facilities and activates their role in the healthcare system in the emirate. Since 2010, the Department's health care team has been conducting visits to health care facilities to verify compliance with departmental standards that comply with global standards.

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