Friday , June 9 2023

Dubai Police are bringing back victims of human trafficking


Following the instructions of Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Murr, Assistant Commander in Excellence and Business Affairs at Dubai Police, presented specific initiatives related to celebrations and annual events to please community members, and a follow-up from Colonel Dr. Sultan Abdul Hamid Al Jamal, Director of the Center for the Monitoring of Human Trafficking in Crimes, presented The center offers various grants as gifts for victims of human trafficking, coinciding with Eid al-Adha, at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

The event is part of the annual Monitoring for Human Trafficking initiative, which carries the slogan "Eidna Eidakom", in the presence of the First Deputy Director of the Department of Human Trafficking Victims at the Center.

Al-Mukhaini's first agent emphasized that the Center for Human Trafficking Crime Leadership used to carry out such initiatives in each Eid with the aim of bringing joy and joy into the hearts of victims of human trafficking, and conveyed a spirit of optimism and positivity, noting that in this regard came the implementation of the initiative "Eidna Eidkm" to draw a smile. On their faces, bringing pleasure to themselves.

Al-Mukhaini said that the support and psychological care of victims of human trafficking is one of the important factors contributing to the victims' withdrawal from the state of refraction, fear and loss of hope so that they can return and reintegrate into their communities. This is what Dubai Police are proud of in their social duties.

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