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Get to know the list of donors in the 2019 season in the league


362 days of football fun for the Egyptian league players with their clubs in one of the most exciting and exciting seasons until the last round, which saw a strong clash between Al-Ahly and Zamalek ended with the Red team's victory with a clean purpose to keep the lovers of the Red.

Al-Ahli, after winning the 41st league championship in its history from 60 in the league, was crowned champion of the 118th summit in a scenario that the most optimistic of Al-Ahlawi fans did not expect.

In the following lines, we list the donors in the Egyptian league for last season.

1- Mahmoud electricity

Former Zamalek player Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba leads the list with 10 goals from his teammates last season.

2 Abdullah Saeed

Abdullah Al-Saeed returned from the Saudi league to Egypt in January through the gates of the Pyramid Club to end the second half of the season with eight goals.

3. Luis Henstrosa

The Arab Contracts player equals Abdullah Al-Said with the same goal industry balance sheet with 8 goals.

4 Ali Maaloul

The full-back Al-Ahly and the Red Fort's top trumpets last season are in fourth place with 7 goals.

5 Jose Nguim

El Gouna's player equals Ali Maaloul with seven goals scored for his teammates on the Sahel team, and matches Ahmed Shadid's producer and Union player Razak Cisse.

6 Qafsha and Mahmoud sole

In this position, Mohamed Magdi Gafcha, Salem, Benson Chilongo and Geraldo Dacosta equalized in the goal with six goals.

Although he did not play in the second round after joining Al-Ahli last January for only a few minutes, the matches he played with cleared Egypt were enough for Waheed to finish sixth with 6 goals he made last season.

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