Friday , June 9 2023

Gold prices are rising in Egypt today


The gold prices in Egypt today, And within the framework of the following Arab4News latest prices in the Egyptian markets, where we review the review The price of a gram of gold In Egyptian Goldsmith shops For all gauge yellow metals, the most famous The price of gold carat 21 Before the Egyptian pound.

Also the continuous follow-up to the rest of the gold prices of a different caliber, and the demand for gold in the Egyptian market during the holidays and occasions during which many occasions were betrothed and married, and the next need to buy the gold net to provide a dowry for. the bride.

Gold prices today in Egypt

The following table shows the price of gold against the Egyptian pound in goldsmiths.

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Unity Gold Price in Egyptian Pound
Caliber 24 789 to 791
Caliber 22 723 to 725
Caliber 21 690 to 692
Caliber 18 591 to 593
Caliber 14 460 to 461
Caliber 12 394 to 395
Uncle 24,525 to 24,596
Golden Pillar 5,520 to 5,536
Kilo 788,571 to 790,857

The gold price in the Egyptian financial markets

Unity Egyptian Pillar US dollars
Gold Price Crate 24 814.85 EGPEGP $ 49.13
The price of gold carats 22 EGP 746.95 $ 45.04
Gold Price Crate 21 713.01 EGPEGP $ 42.99
Gold prices 18 carats 611.15 EGPEGP $ 36.85
Now Price 14K 475.33 EGPEGP $ 28.66
The price of gold carats 12 407.43 EGPEGP $ 24.57
Gold Price 9 Carats 305.57 EGPEGP $ 18.42
Gold ounces prices 25,342LE $ 1,528
Gold Penalty Rates 5,704LE $ 343.93
Gold Prices Today 814,851LE $ 49,132

Gold price update in Egypt today

This morning the price of gold in Egyptian arsenal stores rose from the trading price yesterday afternoon, also in the financial markets the price of gold rose relatively against the Egyptian pound, the price of gold for all calibers.

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