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Intelligent Hajj, Mecca Road, Al-Haramain Train, 5th Generation, Be Helpful and others in service of Rahman's guests


This year's Hajj season marked a new chapter of excellence and leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve pilgrims from around the world and provide all means to succeed and utilize all factors of excellence by hosting the largest Muslim gathering in the world. .

With the completion of the pilgrimage rites and preparation to return to their homes after living a unique spiritual spirit with the Kingdom of Concern, words of thanks and gratitude from the UAE and around the world have come to Saudi Arabia under the guidance of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for organizing a season. Perfect pilgrimage haunts the whole world.

Several factors contributed to the success of the Hajj 1440 Hijri season, where the WAM news agency excels in the following report and reviews international certificates issued acknowledging the excellent services provided by Saudi Arabia to the pilgrims throughout the season.

Inaugurated by the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the guest services program has contributed to a new quality leap that meets the guests' ambitions and provides services that help them perform the rites easily and easily.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia managed the pilgrimage of the pilgrims even before their arrival in the land of the Two Holy Mosques. The Macau Road Initiative was one of the initiatives of the "Guests of Rahman" program, which aimed to improve services of pilgrims and to facilitate their travel procedures to perform Hajj.
This is done by completing passport procedures and checking the availability of health requirements and coding and sorting luggage at the airport of the countries from which pilgrims depart from the countries that joined the initiative.

The Kingdom also placed hundreds of hospitals and health centers on alert to provide the necessary care to the pilgrims and also adapted technology to serve them with the "smart pilgrimage" initiative, which enabled them to perform the rites easily and provided digital services including the leading interactive applications that contribute to support. Pilgrim.

It also launched 5G technology in Makkah, where, along with 4G networks, the highest levels of coverage and high speed, which in turn contributed to enriching the digital experience of Rahman's guests.

The Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques Train, one of the major strategic projects carried out by the Government of the Trustees of the Two Holy Mosques, provided rapid, convenient and safe transportation for the pilgrims and pilgrims of the Holy Mosque.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allocated more than 5,000 volunteers as part of the "Be Helpful" initiative to serve the pilgrims. They provided light images of humanitarian donations and devotion to serving the pilgrims, while the General Civil Aviation Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia completed its preparations to receive the pilgrims departing from their countries after completing their Hajj. By King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah through an integrated operational plan.

The World Health Organization of the United Nations (WHO) noted the successful efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the Minister of Health during the Hajj season this year 1440 AH without reporting a single population health event or disease among pilgrims.

The General Secretariat of the Arab Red Growth and the Red Cross expressed its deep appreciation for the excellence and success that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always shown in managing the affairs of Hajj, the facilities provided and the care enjoyed by Diouf Rahman at various levels. , which receive the ongoing attention of the Guardian Government of the Two Holy Mosques.


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