Monday , June 5 2023

IOS security vulnerability


Several security researchers at Google Inc. discovered six critical security vulnerabilities in Apple's iOS, according to British Express.

Those critical shortcomings were later addressed by Apple in an iOS 12.4 update, which was released earlier this month.

Nathalie Silvanovic and Samuel Gross, two members of the Google team, alerted Apple to security issues and will explain full details of several bugs and give obvious break-ins at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week.

Most of the shortcomings discovered by Google are called "no interaction" errors, which means they can be executed on an iOS device without any direct interaction with the phone, sending malicious code via message and waiting for the victim to open it.

Apple addressed these major security vulnerabilities to a great extent with the release of iOS 12.4 on July 22, but researchers are observing the details of a single security hole not completely corrected, so users are advised to update their phones and update updates as soon as they become available. to avoid any serious security risks, ZDNet website.

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