Monday , June 5 2023

Most notably "uranium smuggling to Iran" .. Tamim crimes against Arab countries


Day after day, facts about Doha's support for terrorism in some Arab and African countries, the many hippies and crimes Qatar has committed against many countries, from hosting Guild leaders to Yusuf al-Qaradawi's leadership and protect those wanted on terrorist lists and much more. Below.


Qatar is involved in the process of counterfeiting Iraqi hobbies and passports and is suspicious of terrorism. It helps terrorists, naturalizes them, and gives them passports to undermine the security and stability of other countries. Qatar appeared on the Yemen scene a year after achieving Yemen unity in 1990, The terrorist brothers buying real estate to be party headquarters and charities in the southern provinces, alerted the organization to attend in all major cities.

The successful security operation revealed the capture of Qatar weapons at the home of a Muslim Brotherhood leader in the Yemeni province of Aden, the efforts of the small Gulf state to strike stability in liberated Yemeni cities with its fraternal arm used by Trojan horses in some Arabs. countries. Aden police found weapons and ammunition bearing slogans. The state of Qatar in one of the Muslim brothers in the Mualla Directorate in Aden.


The website said there were advancing fields reached by the Libyan National Army, led by Marshal Khalifa Hafter, in the battles against the armed militias of the Fayez Sarraj government, supported by the Hamdeen and Turkey organization, through air strikes carried out by the army, which hit the government's military targets. Al-Wefaq in the Libyan city of Misurata, where the Air Force has targeted several goals, including the control room of the Turkish airline and the air defense system at the base of Misurata and the air college in the city itself.

The report added that these strikes conducted by the Libyan National Army for the first time on the premises of the Al-Wefaq militias confirm that the balance of power today is in favor of the Libyan army and demonstrates the failure of military support. given by Turkey to the government of reconciliation as well as the financial support sent by Hamdin to the government of Sarraj. That the liberation of the capital Tripoli is just around the corner, especially as a result of the heavy losses suffered by the Tripoli militias, from the government of reconciliation; confirming that the bets of Recep Erdogan and Tamim bin Hamad have also been lost, and plans to sabotage Libya and destroy it will fail, in response to the National Army.


According to the Italian newspaper "Obunioni", Qatar supports terrorism in Italy, which creates worldwide concern about the fate of the huge weapons purchased by Qatar. It seems the terrorist organization is preparing to launch attacks. The small emirate funds mosques, associations and humanitarian aid. Spreading hate culture throughout Europe.

Italy's interior minister, Matteo Salveni, has changed his stance on Qatar and accuses it of financing terrorism after describing it as a "respectable country." He has long admired Qatar, but last year discovered his funding for a mosque in the small town of San. Cisto Giovanni, in northern Milan, which spreads violence and hatred in the country.


It seems the Qatar scandals in Somalia will not end soon, but it will go beyond simple planning of bombings and conspiracies, as a new role for Qatar in smuggling "uranium" to Iran, the suspected role with al-Shabaab and other interesting subtle information movements in the country. The charity front, according to Qatar Yelkis.

The world has awakened to a new crime of the extremist terrorist movement al-Shabab in Somalia, where activists of the terrorist movement have blown a car bomb on a hotel building and some restaurants in the coastal city of Kismayo, targeting a gathering of deputies and tribal elders there, which resulted in dozens of dead and injured.

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