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NASA's solar probe sends new data on solar secrets


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Over the past few months, NASA's Parker Solar Prop has been flying closer to the sun than any other spacecraft, and the probe has collected as much data as possible to make scientists better understand the sun.

A team from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland has now received the final delivery of 22 gigabytes of scientific data collected during these two encounters, about 50 percent more than expected over time thanks to the satellite communication system.

Barker's team discovered shortly after launch that the probe was capable of raising the drop rate, which would be useful in directing the probe to send additional data from the second meeting in April, where the four wings of scientific instruments in the vehicle were busy collecting of information. Board Get 25 more GB of scientific data between 24 July and 15 August.

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The workshop will release data from the first two meetings to the public later in the year, and the spacecraft will make its third round, which starts on August 27 and approaches the earliest on September 1.

Researchers hope that the mission over the past few years can gather the information they need to uncover some of the mysteries of the secrets of the sun, including why the ions of the sun are hotter than its visible surface.

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