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President of Egyptian Support: The Arab region faces complex challenges. Youth is the solution, not the problem


Ismail Al-Ashool

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Monday, June 17, 2019 – 4:23 pm
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Monday, June 17, 2019 – 4:23 pm

Al Qasabi: Investing in Arab youth is the real force to face challenges
The leader of Egypt's supportive coalition, MP Abdel Hadi al-Kasabi, said the Arab region faces security, political, economic and social challenges, which are very complex and difficult.
This happened during his participation in the second forum of Arab entrepreneurs and innovative ideas organized by the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development in collaboration with the Department of Community Organizations in the Social Association at the Arab University.

Al-Qasabi added that the theme of the conference is opening the door to hope for his death. Investing in youth is the energy of light that fuels the darkness and strengthens faith.

We all know that the true strength of nations and peoples lies in youth, in their determination, in their creative minds and in their enormous energies, in their love for their homeland and in their constant aspiration to build the future and move forward. The young with all these noble qualities must first be appreciated, and secondly to those who understand them, and think with him of the ideas of his time and the aspirations of his generation and the language of his age.

He continued: The younger generation also needs those who support it and put it on the right path, so this conference is an important step on the right path in the area of ​​development and investment.
The president of Egypt's coalition of support that the fact that we all need to know that this investment must be prepared, equipped, educated, awareness, thinking, science and work will begin in the pre-youth phase may be one from the recommendations of this conference values ​​and importantly that it is dangerous to wait until our children arrive. To the youth stage and then start preparing plans and strategies for investing in them and in them.

He explained: The first is to start preparing our children after birth, taking care of healthy, psychological, social and moral and then scientific, cultural, professional and sports care, while monitoring many external influences such as the Internet and social networking sites. If they reached the youth stage, they were a shield for the home country and pillars of development. They were decisive and capable of meeting all challenges. And able to maintain their homeland because they are armed with the weapon of belonging, armed with the flag and patriotism, have faith and determination do not vibrate and do not retreat. They know with certainty that they have all the reasons for success and all the reasons for achieving the goals and objectives, thought and created and have the reasons for the advancement of societies.

He explained that the Arab nation seeks progress and prosperity and seeks to capture modern civilization effectively and efficiently and seeks to be produced by the children and the product of their minds and aspirations and ambitious legitimacy to be what we use and consume in the areas of our lives, from creating the arms of our children, Many countries support the ideas of young people and their great interest in the formation stage, while other countries have considered young people to be the problem that needs to be solved, while the fact that I claim at this conference that young people are the solution and not the problem, so we must have programs carefully prepared and for young people discover incubators minds and unmatched talent and caring for innovators, inventors and the establishment of investment and scientific institutions that provide them with support and resources to take advantage of the amazing potential owners.

He added: Youth is hope and not despair, youth is the gift and the future and we thank God that we see that our Arab youth has all the ingredients of success and industry of the future.

He concluded: I tell our youth that the greatest successes start with an idea and then the idea becomes a dream and the dream is achieved through will and determination. Let your thinking, your approach, your dream, your way, your work and your sincerity, and God protect you.

The three-day forum, titled "Towards Arab Economic Integration with Youth Investment", aims to create a generation of Arab entrepreneurs by investing in the talents and talents of young people, motivating their innovations and inventions, and aiming to solve the problem of lack of funding and expertise for encourage and deepen the culture of investing in empowering them and adopting their own creations, thus promoting greater trust between youth and society.

The Forum held its opening session at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League, under the auspices of the Arab League, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the General Investment Authority.

The purpose of this forum is to develop the relationship between NGOs and Arab governments to create a broad network of Arab community organizations in the Arab region to facilitate interaction and cooperation between them to enhance the institutional capacity of local community organizations. Arabic.

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