Friday , January 15 2021

Prices and Economy – Dubai Business in Dubai: $ 1.5 million The volume of Empalators Emparaders on Products Products

The Egyptian Business Office in Dubai prepared a study on the packaging and packaging sector in the UAE and exported opportunities for Egyptian press and package companies.

According to the study, the volume of imports of packaging materials of Emirates reached approximately 1.5 billion dollars in 2017. China is the largest supplier of 241 million dollars, followed by India with 89 million dollars and Saudi Arabia with 82 million dollars.

According to the study, the size of the global packaging field is approximately $ 424 billion, with an annual growth of 3.5%. Europe consists of 30% of this market, compared to 28% for North America, 27% for Asia, 7% for Latin America and 8% for other countries.

The package of packaging in the United Arab Emirates is among the fastest growing in the Middle East and North Africa. The study of the Chamber of Dubai indicates more income on long-term food consumption and consumers in the medium term, which will stimulate more growth in the packaging industry.

Over the last decades, the re-export of dannies, drinks and other products to Dubai in the region, Africa and other Asian markets has strengthened the growing perspectives of the packaging industry in the United Arab Emirates, apart from Dubai.

The package of packages in the United Arab Emirates recorded 6.8% growth in 2014. The total volume of packaging and packaging industry in the Arab Emirates reached 9.5 billion worth of AED 8.44 billion worth of values. Which represents a great opportunity for Egyptian exports to open this market to its products.

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