Thursday , June 17 2021

Prices of soft drinks and industrial juices are up 20% in Morocco

Professional sources said that prices of soft drinks and industrial juices in Morocco will see the biggest increase in 20 years as a result of the increase in the tax rate on domestic consumption starting next year.

According to the professional community, this increase will affect sugar-entering beverages in the production chain and are expected to range between 80 and 90 cents per liter, or 20 percent of their total price or less for wholesale prices.

The rise in the prices of these beverages comes at a time when there has been a significant drop in the number of industrial units specializing in industrial juices, as a result of the consumption habits of Moroccans who have begun to avoid the consumption of soft drinks and industrial juices for health reasons related to the containment of these beverages in large amounts of sugar.

The amount of juice marketed by juice plants decreased by about a third, with internal consumption of industrial juices falling by 30 percent, after consumption decreased by about 70 million liters.

The gas, minerals and water tables were not included in the decision to raise the tax rate on domestic consumption, which rose by 0.15 cents per liter.

Alcoholic beverages will see an increase in value added tax, and will increase by about $ 70 per hectare.

It is noteworthy that the Ottoman government introduced an amendment to Article 5 of the draft Finance Act to increase the 50 percent tax on consumption of sweet drinks, due to the health damage caused by diabetes, obesity and diabetes.

Mohamed Benboun, Minister of Economy and Finance, agreed with the amendments made by the majority teams and the BAM Committee of the Finance and Economic Development Committee on excessive sugar consumption.

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