Friday , June 9 2023

Saeed Al Ameri: Improving their role in shaping the future


Saeed Al Bahari Salem Al Ameri, Director General of Food and Agriculture Authority of Abu Dhabi (ADAA), said that the UAE, under the guidance of His Majesty Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, had acted because of his belief in the importance of youth guidance in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development in all fields. The role of Emirati youth in shaping the future and envisioning its opportunities and challenges.

Al-Ameri noted that the youth is the pulse of the country and its renewed energy and its vast wealth is of no value and their mission is to increase profits by moving our homeland to the ranks of developed and civilized countries.

He said in a statement on International Youth Day, which coincided with the slogan "Renaissance Education" this year: The state is working to provide the best ways and means to support and care for them and build an education system comparable to its progress and developing the world's best counterparts and empowering young people with the best skills and competence. Generations of need and responsibility are loaded with knowledge and knowledge and capable of achieving the impossible.

He added: We at ADAAF believe in the skills and positive energies of the youth and we are thrilled to refine them and serve them to serve the country and the citizenry and push the wheel of development for further progress and progress. We look forward to playing their part in developing plans and policies and involving them in tomorrow's decisions. Through our extensive partnerships with a number of national institutes and universities and the Government Academy of Abu Dhabi.

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