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Sama Hussein with Sandy in the scenes of "Live Your Life"

Sama Hussein With Sandy On The Scenes Of
: Sama Hussein with Sandy on Scenes of "Live Your Life"

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 06:45 Artist Sahah Hussein, according to his report on the site "Instagram", a picture of him in a mountainous region in the scenes of his new film "Live Your Life," commented: "Soon, with God's help."

The film is about an advertising and advertising company owned by Samah Hussein, Edward, a partner in the company, and Maha Abu Auf, the company's manager, and continues to support them despite the exposure to many difficult situations.

The film was directed by Sammy Trabelsi, Mevo Adel, Mahmoud al-Bazawi, Ahmad al-Tuhami and Ella Morsi, led by Tamar Basyouni, who collaborated with Sameh Hussein in the Al Sa'ad Neighborhood in 2014.

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