Friday , June 9 2023

Samsung launches new Galaxy Note 10 series


Multiple versions combine elegant design, powerful performance, innovative digital pens and professional cameras

The company "Samsung" last Wednesday at its annual conference "Galaxy Unpacked" Galaxy Unpacked from New York of America, the new phone "Galaxy Note 10" Galaxy Note 10 in 4 versions, in addition to a laptop and sports watch and a separate integration between the various devices. of the company.

The new phone features advanced technical specifications in a very sleek design and front camera on the screen and fingerprint sensor (ultrasonic) behind the screen glass and new features of the digital pen.

– Benefits of Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The first phone is the "Galaxy Note 10 Plus" Galaxy Note 10+, which offers a large cinema screen with 6.8-inch diameter operating technology «Dynamic Amolite» Dynamic Amolite and shows the image resolution of 1440 × 3040 pixels and a density of 498 pixels per inch, which is one of the best mobile displays to date. . The phone uses a processor with a manufacturing accuracy of 7 nm to raise performance levels and reduce power consumption, memory capacity of 8 or 12 GB as desired, and connect to 4G networks for speeds up to 2 gigabits per second. For built-in storage, the phone offers 256 or 512 GB of additional 512 GB of microSD card, using a battery with a capacity of 4300 mAh – which can charge at very high speeds thanks to the support of 45-watt charging technology. to charge the battery For only 30 minutes and use the phone all day, with enhanced wireless charging support of 20W. The design of the phone is characterized by the lack of bezels around the screen to occupy as much space as possible and give a larger diameter.

For the cameras of the phone, the phone uses a 10-megapixel front camera and a 16-megapixel rear camera system (12 ultra wide lens), 12 (wide lens) and 12 (telephoto lens), with a specialized camera to measure the distance. and depth of the elements used. The system can shoot any object by pointing the camera around it, making it in seconds to a fully digital stereo that can be moved by any user's movements in front of the camera, and even printed with 3D printers. The camera system also uses Augmented Reality AR to create stereoscopic graphics in the air for every human on the screen similar to Snapchat filters and harassing people.

What's special about these filters is that they are 3D and can be navigated around and inside, with ease. The front camera also supports light shooting for clear selfies in all light conditions.

The phone can also record 4K UHD gaming with HDR10 + technology for incredible resolution and color, as well as advanced capabilities to eliminate the impact of shaking the user's hand while recording video presentations. You can also choose to make the background of the video playback become blurry for video presentations with impressive visual effects. . Another innovative feature is the phone's ability to "zoom in", so that the microphone focuses on the area where the user is close to the image and with high accuracy. An example is the presence of several musicians in a room and the use of portraying events in that room. If the user approaches the image to a player while recording a video, the sound of their instrument playing will be clearer than other players, and is the same for any other situation.

The phone also uses a very efficient cooling system called a Steam Room Cooling System, which reduces the heat of the device during intense use, especially for players who want to use the most demanding games of resources. The phone is water and dust resistant to IP68 and uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies at the processor level to save battery power, process images and recorded video presentations, and improve performance when playing games. The phone also supports Dolby Atmos' advanced stereo for more interference while watching video presentations or playing advanced electronic games.

The phone is 7.9 mm thick and weighs 196 grams and supports dual-SIM card operation and runs the "Android 9" user interface "One UI" at high speed and efficiency. The device supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless networks, while supporting Near Field Communications NFC. The phone is available in black and white colors and a special color that changes colors depending on the charging angle.

The phone will launch in the Arabic region with an Exynos 9825 "Samsung Exynos 9825" eight-core processor as follows: (Nuclear speeds 2.73 GHz and core speeds 2.4 GHz and 4 core speeds 1.9 GHz, as needed), starting from 3999 Saudi Rials (about $ 1066) as desired. .

The second phone is the "Galaxy Note 10+ 5G" Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, which offers the same specifications, but maintains connectivity to fifth-generation communications networks and provides download speeds and upload data at a very high level, and the price of $ 1299.

– Advantages of «Galaxy Note 10»

The Galaxy Note 10 is similar to the older Galaxy Note 10, but changes some of the specifications for users who want the benefits of the Galaxy Note but with a smaller size and lower price tag. The screen is 6.3 inches in diameter and displays an image with a resolution of 1080 x 2880 pixels and 401 pixels per inch. Watts The phone offers the same camera system as the Galaxy Note 10, but leaves the room size or depth, and is available in black and white colors and a special color that changes colors depending on the angle of pregnancy. The phone is priced at 3,499 Saudi cripples (about $ 934).

The company will launch a version that supports fifth-generation networks called the Galaxy Note 10 5G. Galaxy Note 10 5G offers the same specifications, but with the support of connectivity to fifth-generation communications networks and will provide download speeds and upload data. very high, priced at $ 1049.

– Advanced capabilities and functions

The company has developed the capabilities of the digital S Pen, which now supports gestures and remote telephone interface management without having to press the screen. The user can now shake their hand with specific signals to zoom in and out, switch between different shooting effects and change the sound of YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, multimedia applications, and more. The pen relies on its 6-axis axis intensifier sensor to deliver high accuracy control. It connects to the phone wirelessly using Bluetooth technology to reduce power consumption, with the ability to charge it quickly once it returns to the phone. It is worth noting that the company offers software interfaces for application developers to utilize the capabilities of the pen in their applications, which means we will be seeing innovative applications of this pen in the digital store. An interesting feature is the ability of the phone to easily edit recorded video presentations without the need for a computer, which means easily developing professional content during the trip, especially using the clever pen to make the process easier.

The phone can easily convert handwriting and notes to digital text, save them as files, and share them with others, as well as the ability to reduce, enlarge, or change the color of manuscripts.

The company also developed the integration of the phone with personal computers, so that it was easy to connect the phone to the computer (Windows and Mac) by simply clicking on a special icon in the taskbar, and displaying the phone screen on the computer and interacting with it. and with applications directly from the computer with the mouse. Keyboard and even touch the computer screen. This way you can exchange messages and share different images and files directly from your computer, to facilitate communication and increase performance and productivity. You can also share files between the two devices by simply dragging their icon from one device to another or watching videos and photo presentations from the phone on the computer screen. This connection does not require any intermediary device, as it is sufficient to connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable.

The phone also supports wireless charging sharing with the PowerShare feature to charge your wireless headphones, watch and more, just by putting these accessories on the back of the phone and activating this feature.

The phones also support Samsung Pay with the highest levels of security and speed, while Samsung Health will help users achieve their health goals through exercise tracking and monitoring. The phone uses the Samsung Knox platform to protect user data through advanced defense security solutions, while digital voice assistant Bixby provides integrated voice-based interaction with the user to facilitate access to information, programming and communication with others.

– Galaxy Book S

Samsung has also unveiled the sleek and very slim Galaxy Book S, which uses a 23-hour battery without recharging. It has a 13.3-inch touchscreen and supports 4G connectivity.

The computer runs Windows 10 and offers 8GB of memory, 256GB or 512GB of solid-state SSD, built-in fingerprint sensor on the power button, and dual speakers that support Dolby Atmos sound. The company will launch the laptop in September.

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