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Sarah Ferguson leaves Balmoral Palace because of her husband's arrival


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Sarah Ferguson, duchess of York, was forced to leave Balmoral yesterday, the Scottish Palace, where Queen Elizabeth spends her summer holidays, following the arrival of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh early for her summer holidays.

The British Daily Mail has revealed that Prince Philip has refused to be under the same roof in one place with Sarah Ferguson since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996, and is reportedly accusing her of publicly insulting the queen and the royal family.

Some hoped that their backs together at Princess Eugene's wedding last year would signal an improvement in relationships.

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But sources in Balmoral said the duchess, who arrived on Thursday evening, had to leave London unexpectedly, creating speculation in the royal family.

She was spotted catching a British Airways plane at a nearby Aberdeen airport yesterday afternoon.

The queen began allowing Duchess Sarah Ferguson to join the annual family reunion in Balmoral about six years ago.

An insider said the duchess had departed the day before the arrival of the queen's husband, Prince Philip, and was expected to spend up to a week with Prince Andrew and his two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene at the castle.

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