Sunday , May 28 2023

The economic situation under Trump is losing Democrats


During their first four debates, the Democratic presidential candidates did not find much to say about the state of the US economy, because they did not want their words to contradict the views of the public. These candidates were at the mercy of the directors' questions, each trying to distinguish themselves from them. Others talk about various topics like health and justice that were better for them than talking about jobs and wages.

Another reason that prevented these candidates from talking about economics was a major challenge they could not face.

Democratic candidates have long talked about the economy between 1992 and 2016, but now face a huge dilemma they haven't experienced since 1988: the White House is being restored by Republicans as the economy grows well. It is true that the economy is not fulfilling what President Donald Trump promised during his election campaign – a 3% increase, and there are also signs that the economy is weak.

But the Labor Department report on jobs released a few days ago shows that unemployment has fallen to an unseen rate half a century ago, wages are rising and inflation is in control. Since 2001, Gallup investigators have been asking Americans if they think it's "the right time to find a good job." In May, 71% said yes, and of course this is a record.

Some Democrats have tried to seduce Americans into being in an unhappy economic situation. California's Sen. Kamala Harris has criticized President Trump for talking about stock market growth since he came to power. "Yes, the stock market is growing, but not all Americans have shares, and people have jobs," she said. Yes, they work in more than one job so they can live, but when it comes to work, the focus here is that the American has to work on one job to spend on himself and his family. ”

But this criticism is false for two reasons: first, the unemployment rate is the best indicator of the strength of the economy, and second, the number of workers in more than one job in the United States does not exceed 5.2% of workers. , a small percentage.

With Democrats unable to convince voters that the economy is bad, Democratic candidate Joe Biden turned to health care instead of pay and work, and said it was the most important thing for Americans.

This is why the best strategy for Democratic candidates is twofold: to change the economic issue and not to touch it, and to hope that they are lucky to see an economic recession in the country.

The US Department of Labor's job report, released a few days ago, shows that unemployment has fallen to an unprecedented rate half a century ago, wages are rising and inflation is in control.


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