Sunday , May 28 2023

Tottenham deepens injuries to Real Madrid


LONDON (Reuters) – Tottenham Hotspur beat Real Madrid 1-0 on Tuesday at the Allianz Arena in Munich in the friendly Udi Cup.

The club went into the third round of the tournament, which also includes Bayern Munich host Fenerbahce Turkey, morale is completely shaken by the loss of humiliation to their arch rival Atletico Madrid 3 – 7 Friday in the city of New Jersey, becoming their French coach Zinedine Zidane in the post. Not enviable.

The loss to their second Madrid neighbors was in three of Real's Champions League, one against Bayern Munich 3-1, and a 2-2 draw and penalty shoot-out at Arsenal.

Tottenham then sent a new blow to Real and his coach Zidane, who is facing wholesale problems just before the start of the season, committed many injuries, most notably to Marco Asencio, who finished his season before he started, or his decision to leave Welshman Gareth. Pyle, his transition to the Chinese league and a fantastic weekly salary of one million euros.

In the third match of the new season, the club blame Harry Caen, who scored the only goal in the first half after blaming Brazilian back Marcelo (S22).

Despite the early goal, Real could not avoid defeat in this game, as the two teams made wholesale adjustments during the second half without any adjustment to the result, to qualify Tottenham to the final of the Audi Cup, where he meets on Wednesday with the winner of the match Bayern Fenerbahce, on To play Real match third place.

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