Tuesday , January 19 2021

With the controversial pictures here, I spend a honeymoon with Flux in Dubai and I'm in good hands

The artist Ahmed Flux and his wife, Hanna, have posted pictures of love and warmth, they spend their honeymoon in Dubai through the official account of "Entragam."
"Ahmed" and "Hana" caused widespread controversy and criticism, considering the daring of those who commented on the image of the famous kiss that brought the couple, and demanded them to respect the feelings of the Hasidim.
On the other hand, the power of a few less heavy critics, in which they called on the couple to guard them God and asked them to avoid the eyes of corruption, and keep their images secret.
Fans, including the artist Renia Joseph, the artist Edward and others, congratulated the artists on their honeymoon, wished them a happy life, encouraged them to spread what they liked and refrain from responding to visitors.
The most beautiful picture, from most observers' point of view, was to Fox, who married his wife to Borg. In Dubai, where she commented here, "I'm in good hands."
It is noteworthy that the artists announced the news about their marriage four weeks ago, after six months of exile, raise the subject of controversy and question about the fate of the quick marriage, for fear of accepting the same fate as the number of marriage "Take away" in art.

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