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Alenich got drunk behind the wheel in Krasnoyarsk

Dmitry Alnicki

Maxim Armin
Maxim Armin

Photo: RIA News

Elinick caught drunken driving. He threatened DPS officers

The coach took the road from the bar.


The main coach of "Yenisei" got drunk behind the wheel. The incident occurred at night – Alenich He drove home from the bar. DPS officers confirmed the arrest of a 46-year-old man in the Hyundai's car. Unnamed: That's a Yenisei car. At the end of this week in Krasnoyarsk there was a raid to catch drunken drivers, and reconnaissance officers managed to catch 47 violators. Judging by everything, one of them was Dmitry Alenichev.

Source: Alenichev stopped drunk driver Krasnoyarsk


The local media claims that Alanitz drank at the bar. There he quarreled with one of the guests and left the place. A conflict participant called DPS and gave a tour tip. As a result, they managed to locate his car. According to officers, Alenichev, when arrested, behaved rudely – he refused medical clearance and threatened DPS nicknames.

It is not yet clear whether the coach himself entered the department, but his car was taken to the parking garage. Her photos have already appeared on the Internet. If you look closely, this car really has the symbolism of Yenisei.

As for the next punishment, nothing really terrible is alnich in threatening. In Russia, drunken driving is punishable by a fine of 30 thousand rubles and saved rights up to two years. It does not fight in chairs.

A bad year

This year the main coach of Yenisei failed. For the most part, sports – his team sank to the very bottom of the RPL.

Just one win in 14 games – Yenisei's patience is unlimited. The resignation seems the most logical, but there are things that have two serious obstacles.

The first is the presence of influential patrons in the political circles. Well, the second, and perhaps most important, compensation is impressive by the standards of Yenisei, which the coach will have to pay for dismissal. He himself does not intend to retire.

"Yenisei" has once been announced that Alenichev has retired from working with the team. The game with "Anji" drove him. Alexander Alcayev. Alenichev has returned to the role already in the next game (see possible reasons a little higher). And again he lost – 0: 3 Krasnodar.

By the way, shortly before the DPS event, footballer Yenisei Arthur Maloyan Gave the "Championship" an honest interview. In which he did not hesitate to travel to Alicia. If you missed it, it's time to read.

"Elnitz seems to have not noticed me." Creek Soul Football "Yenisei"

Arthur Maloyan – about the difficulties with Dmitry Alenichev and the possible reasons for the failure of the group.

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