Monday , June 14 2021

ASUS Prepares Some New Smartphones For Zenfone Max

A well-known publisher, Roland Quandt, posted on his Twitter page information about future ASUS updates.

We already know that the manufacturer is currently working on the new flagship line of Zenfone 6 smartphones – last week online images and prototype work prototype videos were released. Now it is reported on a particular flag model under item number ZB634KL.

Loading from inside that ZB601KL will get you a main triple camera.

ASUS ZenFone ZB634KL should launch "soon" ™. Comes with a triple cam definition behind.

– Roland Quandt (@Rquandt) November 12, 2018

Most likely, we are talking about the successor of Zenfone Max Pro (M1) (pictured) considering that the latter has a ZB601KL model number. It is assumed that the numbers "63" in the designation of the new model indicate a 6.3 inch screen, and the letters "K" and "L" denote Snapdragon Snapdragon and 4G LTE respectively. Most likely, the device will hit the market under the name Zenfone Max Pro (M2).

However, the ZB634KL is not only the upcoming Zenfone MAX model. The source also mentions the ASUS ZB632KL, ZB631KL and ZB633KL models. Behind the last number, as expected, is Zenfone Max (M2).

Do not be surprised when your tablet launches the 10 "tablet & # 39; tablet. CES2019.

– Roland Quandt (@Rquandt) November 12, 2018

In addition to the new smartphones in the development of ASUS is the first tablet running Chrome OS with 10 inch screen. To know ASUS, it is possible with a great deal of confidence to say that this tablet tablet will be.

The announcement of new products is expected at CES 2019.

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