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Deputies from a new people were contending for seats in the Radar Hall

Deputies from a new people were contending for seats in the Radar Hall


Sergei Ionushas

Most of the discussion at the Verkhovna Rada preparatory group meeting was about putting deputies into the meeting room.

The issue of placing deputies in the Verkhovna Rada hall became the most contested at a meeting of the preliminary deputy group. This was at a conference on Wednesday, August 14, said Interfax Ukraine, the coordinator of the second subgroup of the preliminary deputy group, Sergei Ionushas (a servant of the people).

He told reporters that at the meeting, the subgroup considered three issues related to organizing the work of the Rada: running an oath of newly elected MPs, inviting guests to a solemn parliamentary meeting on August 29, and sitting MPs in the congress.

According to Ionushas, ​​on the topic of the ceremonial meeting, they agreed to gather proposals from political forces before noon on Thursday, August 15.

"The most contentious topic was the placement of deputies in the Verkhovna Rada hall. This time we listened to the opinion of the Verkhovna Rada device, which offered a certain seating option; there were lively discussions related to the proposals we received during the work. from the subgroup. We agreed that today, political forces will support further consultations and return to this issue tomorrow before the meeting of the preparatory deputy group, "he said.

This is why Ionušas emphasized that everything went in construction.

Inviting a solemn meeting, according to the MP, is traditionally a certain list of guests who are ready for the group's approval. However, at the request of political forces, other guests can also be added to it.

As reported, the second preparatory meeting was held today in the Verkhovna Rada.

During the meeting, newly elected MP Vadim Rabinovich staged a skirmish, trying to defend his desire to speak Russian against the law.

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